Veracruz achieves two more medals in table tennis at the Conade National Games

Veracruz table tennis closed its participation in Conade National Games 2022 with a silver and a bronze medal in the categories Under 15 Men and Under 15 Womenin team mode.

The competitions where the people of Veracruz won the medals took place in the Ball Pavilion of Hermosillo, Sonora with a final balance of seven medals, 2 golds, 3 silvers and two bronzes.

The activities in the group phase lasted two days in which the tennis players showed a high level until they reached the final rounds where they faced each other with teams from Jalisco and Chiapas.

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Who were the participants from Veracruz?

at the end of the Under 15 Men’sthe people from Veracruz showed character against Jalisco who had to define the winner of the gold medal until the last set in which the people from Guadalajara finally won, getting the gold medal.

The Veracruz Sub 15 Men’s team was made up of Ilan Lima, Oliver de la Torre, Erick Olano and Santiago Baños, who were led by coach Juan Fernández.

While the team Under 15 Women, lost to Chiapas the opportunity to advance for the gold, although they fought until the last point but it did not reach them and they settled for the bronze medal. The players of this team are Roberta Hernández, Camila Haro, Daniela Torres and Evelyn Silva, led by coach Sergio Cárdenas.

José Alberto Nava Lozano director of the IVD kept abreast of the meetings and at the end he was in charge of awarding the Veracruz medalists who placed the state at the top of the podium.

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In this way, Veracruz’s participation in table tennis culminates with a balance of two gold medals, three more silver medals and two bronze medals for a total of seven medals.



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