Venezuelan judo revalidates Bolivarian title

Carlos Páez won the gold medal in the -90 kilograms and gave Venezuela, once again, the title in the individual judo of the Bolivarian Games.

León and Páez bathed in gold on the final day

“I was three years out of judo, due to my studies, but I came back on the right foot. I came back at the Pan American Championship and now the effort and dedication is reflected,” said the junior Olympic medalist.

Carlos Páez won by ippon with 2 minutes 26 seconds to go against Edgar Justiniano from Bolivia and qualified for the semifinal at the beginning of the day. Then, at minute 28 seconds, he got rid of Daniel Arancibia of Chile by ippon.

In the final, Daniel Paz from Colombia yielded at 2 minutes 31 seconds by ippon (double wazari), after raising a score against the local, 13 seconds into the fight.

“The sensei (Kilmar Campos) didn’t tell me because he thought it was a lot of pressure and he didn’t know that this medal would give us the title,” said Páez.

Venezuela accumulated six gold medals, two silver and four bronze.

In the -78 kilograms, the Olympic Karen León met her level and took the gold.

In the round robin mode, Brenda Olaya from Colombia was her first opponent and defeated her by ippon at minute 59 seconds of combat. Later, she defeated Omaira Ramírez of the Dominican Republic by ippon in 41 seconds. Finally, she by ippon (accumulation of penalties) with 31 minutes to go in the fight, she beat Camila Figueroa from Peru.

“First of all, thank God who put me on this path. To the Venezuelan Judo Federation for the previous preparation. Super happy for the medal. It also means a lot, a lot, a lot to me. I’ve been through a lot to get to her. I dedicate it to my dad, who I know will improve his health situation. And to mom Luisa, what a birthday today (Monday) ”, the Cumanesa was moved. “I am very happy because I kept calm and was always focused.”

Luis Amezquita achieved the bronze in the +100 kilograms. The Creole, in his first international competition in this category, defeated José Nova from the Dominican Republic due to injury in the middle of the fight, when the islander was the clear favorite to win the match. “It was a very tough fight. But they are things that happen. I would not have wanted it to end like this, for us to continue competing looking for the best result. I felt a bit light compared to my opponents, but I don’t see it as impossible for the future”, assured Amezquita.

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At +78 kilograms, Amarantha Urdaneta climbed to third place on the podium after winning two of four fights. The victories were against Catalina Ascencio from Chile and Yuly Bolívar, a Venezuelan nationalized Peruvian. “I am calm. I made mistakes and mistakes are paid for. We have to keep working and we go for more. I am still among the best, thank God”, described the Zulian woman in reference to her bronze medal at the Cali-Valle 2021 Junior Pan American Games.

There is still the competition for mixed teams this Wednesday, to finish the judo tournament at the Bilingual College of Valledupar.