Valledupar list for the 2022 Bolivarian Games

From June 24 to July 5, the city of Valledupar will dress up to receive the Bolivarian multi-sport event that will host more than 5,000 people including athletes, delegates and attendees. 3,000 athletes will compete for medals in 45 disciplines.

Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela will be at the fair, in addition to four invited countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic, with Valledupar, Bogotá, Chimichagua and Cali as cities that will be the epicenter.

In Valledupar, the main venue for the XIX Bolivarian Games, disciplines such as athletics, bowling, table tennis, road cycling, mountain biking, fencing, figure skating, judo, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, basketball, indoor soccer will be held. , volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, rugby, baseball, soccer, softball, archery, BMX, boxing, and weightlifting, among others.

The Ciénaga de Zapatoca, located in the municipality of Chimichagua, will be the protagonist of water sports such as canoeing, rowing, swimming, open water and triathlon.

Bogotá will receive the athletes who will compete in squash, water skiing and equestrian.

The department of Cundinamarca, for its part, will have golf, badminton, handball, sailing and shooting sports in municipalities such as Cajicá, Zipaquirá, Chía, Guatavita and Nilo.

Cali will receive the cyclists from the track at the ‘Alcides Nieto Patiño’ velodrome.



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