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Distributor HAEGIN Deadline 2022/06/20

The ultimate PvP baseball game that you can enjoy casually!
HAEGIN’s “Baseball Super League” is the first global update
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Battle Between Nations! Added National Ranking System
If you win a prize at the top, the reward will be distributed to all users in the relevant country.
Added 7 new characters, Fame Points and Fame Shop

HAEGIN, a mobile game developer, announced that it will carry out the first global update of its competitive sports game, Super Baseball League. “Super Baseball League” is a casual sports game in which you can enjoy various contents such as offense, defense, and player training with simple operations. Since its release on May 26, it has gained popularity in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, North America, the Philippines, and other countries around the world.

As this update is the first since the global launch, the content is centered around a ranking system that users around the world can enjoy together. The ranking system, in which users compete against each other on their skills, started with 100 points each season, and the points were changed to increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the game. In addition, after the “super ranking” and “global ranking”, which are competitions between individuals, a new “national ranking” has been implemented to determine the ranking by adding the points of the users with the highest ranking in each country.

“National Ranking” is a ranking battle that users from 175 countries who play “Super Baseball League” enjoy while belonging to their own countries, and all users from the countries that won the ranking get fame points, so it is a fierce battle. it is expected to develop.

You can receive the Fame Points earned this way by selecting one from the limited uniform, All-Star pitcher “Diane”, Fame Box, 10,000 Gold, etc. in the newly established Fame Shop. In addition, seven new characters have also been added at various positions such as starting pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. All-star throwers “Diane” and “Rap Socrates” have added special ball types (skills), and the “Pro 3” class has also been added, making it a playful upgrade.

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