Uni joins the Euroleague

L’Spar Girona has made the registration for theEuroleague of this season and now remains awaiting confirmation from the FIBA of the teams that will be part of it, and the format it will have. As confirmed by the director general of the Uni, Xavi Fernandez, “We have confirmed our interest in playing in the Euroleague and it seems that next week FIBA ​​will definitely confirm the teams.” What they do have quite assumed to Fontajau is that you will have to go through a preliminary to get the final place, as the two direct classification will be for theAvenidaleague and cup champion, and the Valenciawho was a league finalist.

“We are looking forward to seeing what happens to us, most likely we will have to do the preview, but we will have to know what format it has, whether a round trip eliminator, or a bubble in the concentration system,” said Fernández, who however, he stresses that for the club “it would not be a drama if we did not finish in the Euroleague and we have to go to theEurocup». The general manager emphasizes that “obviously the first option is to try to improve the sixth position in the FIBA ​​ranking that we now have equal to other clubs, but it is also true that there is life beyond the Euroleague”.

It would be Uni’s third consecutive participation in the top continental competition, which has also coincided in the last two seasons with the ticket for the quarterfinals (ie placing the club among the top eight in the competition, remaining at the gates of the Final Four at the hands of Perfumerías Avenida). Two seasons ago it was already surpassed SEPS Romanian in the previous phase, and in this sense Fernández recalls that “that was an affordable tie, but for example last year Valencia had to play against Bourges i Schio in a bubble and it has nothing to do with one thing ». What is clear is that in the next Euroleague there will be no Russian teams, which were already eliminated last season as a result of the invasion ofUkraine.

While the situation of the Spar Girona is confirmed a Europa, at the club continue to work on making the staff. The start of the preseason is scheduled for late August or early September, with a view to the first official match, in Catalan Leagueagainst him Barça in Fontajau on the first weekend in October. The club is also working on the renewal of subscribers, a process that will end on August 31 and then, in September, will give way to the entry of all fans who want it. “We haven’t reached a thousand renewals, but we have room, we’re doing it, and in September we’re going to attract new members,” said Xavi Fernández.



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