Unai Ibarra and Arrate Mintegui prevail on the night of San Juan

500 popular athletes, most of them with the commemorative orange jersey of the race, completed the registration of the test / igor martin

500 participants of all ages enjoyed the sixth edition of the night race that had its epicenter in Judimendi

Ivan Benito

The night of San Juan was once again a success. A sports festival, sponsored by ELCORREO, in which the rain respected and the 500 participants’ desire to run predominated. Unai Ibarra and Arrate Mintegui claimed victory in a sixth special edition, after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, mixed with the festive atmosphere of the Judimendi neighborhood, epicenter of the event.

The Ironman attracts more than 2,500 triathletes from 80 countries to Vitoria

The organization decided to move the start and finish of the route there with the guarantee that the events scheduled in the neighborhood park would add a plus to the event. The athletes dropped off with their commemorative orange shirts before 10:00 p.m. to attend the lighting of the bonfire. There were those who preferred to rush to the heat of the purifying fire, while on Avenida de Judimendi there were races and warm-up stretches for the most cautious.

Minute of silence

The race started on time at 10:30 p.m. after observing a minute of silence in honor of José María García, a recently deceased Alava athletics statistician. The flood of participants lit up the route including Avenida de Judimendi, Plaza Provincias Vascongadas, Calle Valladolid, Plaza de la Unión, Boulevard de Salburua and almost to the end of Paseo de los Humedales, where the runners gave a 180º turn and returned along the same route to the finish line.

On the competitive level, Unai Ibarra Gallardo (19:16 minutes) won the men’s category, with seven seconds over Marc Hurtado Sabater and 13 over Koldo Ayesta Zaballa. In women, the triathlete Arrate Mintegui won with authority with a record of 23 minutes and 19 seconds and was one minute and 35 seconds ahead of Sara Gutiérrez and 2:01 over Amagoia Mitxelana Ruiz.

Beyond the winners of the different categories, the night was something else. A tribute to sport, with the attraction of being played on the shortest but most magical night of the year, and for a suggestive route that left spectacular images. Also a balm of freedom, to recover healthy routines and customs that the body appreciates.



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