Two very hot franchises on the Deandre Ayton file?

The case Deandre Ayton is one that generates the most rumors and speculation in recent weeks and it should not calm down until he makes a decision. Remember that he will be a restricted free agent since he and the Suns did not reach an agreement for an extension before the start of the season. The Bahamian wanted the maximum, and still does, but the Suns weren’t willing to offer him, and it’s rumored they still wouldn’t be up for it.

But the interest of the teams about him should not be lacking and a lot of names have circulated. Marc Stein reported a few days ago that there would be several franchises that would already be potentially interested in the interior, the Spurs, the Raptors, the Blazers, the Pistons or even the Hawks. If we believe The Athletic, the Hawks and the Pistons would even be very hot on the file and could therefore aggressively try to recover it. For Detroit, which has cap space, they will be able to offer it the max, but for the Hawks, it will probably be necessary to go through a sign & trade. It is rumored that everyone except Trae Young would be available, even if they would like to avoid exchanging DeAndre’ Hunter.

Note that the Kings, who have the 4th choice, would also have inquired about a possible acquisition.



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