Two new black belts for the judo club

It is once again an exceptional weekend that the Tavel judo club has just experienced. Indeed, two of his judokas have become 1st dan black belts and their coaches are particularly proud of them.

Saturday, June 4, took place the day of passage of regional rank for obtaining the black belts 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dan. Loan Pellegrino and Pablo Lejars, who had already validated their UV competition thanks to their good results throughout the season, presented and won the two technical events they lacked and therefore became black belts.

These two young judokas started judo at the age of 4. This is a very good result for a village club and confirms the good performance displayed since the post Covid recovery. Loan and Pablo will receive their belts on the day of the graduation, July 1, in front of all the parents and judokas of the club.

“It’s a great reward for these two young people, whose investment and work have been exemplary throughout the season”, commented Agnès Teissonniere, their teacher, who also validated her title of regional grade judge.

In short, after this intense season in terms of results in competition, everything continues to go for the best within the Judo club of Tavel.

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