Two arrests for extortion, trespassing to the detriment of a local trader. The military had been on their trail since June, the blitz tonight. Also discovered cocaine

PORTO RECANATI – Arrest of two people in execution of a precautionary custody order for attempted aggravated extortion in competition, aggravated trespassing, detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

Last night, after several days of searching, the carabinieri of the Carabinieri Company of Civitanova Marche finally tracked down and arrested two men responsible for the crimes of attempted extortion and aggravated trespassing in competition.

The facts date back to the first days of June when the two showed up at the home of a forty-four-year-old merchant from Porto Recanati and, repeatedly threatening him and his family with unjust evils, even slapping him in the face of his son and his wife, demanded the delivery of the undue sum of one thousand euros and, to appear more incisive and convincing, they illegally broke into his home and hit with a sledgehammer
baseball the fence of the house and the victim’s car, irreparably damaging the windshield.

The investigation activities immediately undertaken by the soldiers of the Operational Unit of the Civitanova Marche Company in synergetic collaboration with personnel from the Carabinieri Investigation Unit of Macerata and the Porto Potenza and Porto Recanati Stations, supported by positive experiments of photographic identification of people, image acquisitions from video surveillance systems, witness hearings, have allowed the investigators to collect in a short time multiple and consistent evidence that provided an accusatory framework that went well beyond the level of circumstantial gravity, so as to convince the Judicial Authority to issue the precautionary measure in prison in light of the modalities and serious circumstances of the fact, as well as of the personality and brutal conduct of the suspects, an indication of an uncommon extortionate professionalism.

So, tonight a specific search device was set up and the two thirty-seven-year-olds were definitively tracked down, the first at the Civitanova Marche motorway tollbooth aboard a small car returning from his country of origin together with his brother, the other at the his home in Potenza Picena where, as a result of a home search, he was found in the availability of about 64.00 grams of cocaine, a precision electronic balance scale and the cash sum of 1,300.00 euros, deemed to be the proceeds of the illicit trade in drugs, therefore referred to arrest.

The two arrested have appointed Avv. Simone Santoro of the Macerata Bar, have been associated with the Ancona Montacuto prison, where they will remain at the disposal of the Judicial Authority pending the interrogation under guarantee.



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