TWB series | Featured products | AKTR-Basketball apparel brand from Japan = AKTR (actor)

TWB series[Traveling With Basketball]has been released.

TWB (TRAVELING WITH BASKETBALL) = A product with the themes of life, travel, and basketball.
It features a stylish design that combines sports functional materials with an urban urban design.

A military-style product with a big silhouette will be released as a capsule collection.

The simple TEE shirt is made of thick 100% cotton and has a strong water-repellent finish that is resistant to water and dirt, so there is no problem with sudden rain. It is a product of interest because it is a non-functional material.

In addition, the oversized poncho with ZIP on the front is designed so that it can be worn without resistance in everyday life, and since it uses nylon pants with a fairly wide balloon silhouette and a fabric that is resistant to water and dirt, it will be in the future. It is an item that plays an active part in various active scenes in the season!



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