TuS judoka secure medals and podium places in Lünen – youngsters compete at district level | SKU

Judo: After a very long break, the judoka of TuS Eichengrün came returned to competition. At the district tournament in Lünen, the for the age groups U11 and U13 at the same time the district championships represented, could sie achieve some good rankings.

Jonathan Schiereck and Maximilian Rasel started in the U11 age group together
in the weight class 28kg. Both started the tournament with a win, but then had to
but each suffer a defeat. As a result, the two ended up fighting each other
for third place, which Jonathan wonte and thus the
Achieved bronze medal. Is qthus qualified for the district championships, the
were held a week later. After an unfortunate defeat in the
first encounter he fought his way dort confidently through the entire consolation round and found
fight again the drode place again. Unfortunately he could not do thisr himself
decide, but can with dem 5th place at district levelif very satisfied.

In the weight class 37 kg, Fabian Flörke had a difficult field of participants in mind
itself. After three unfortunate defeats, however, he was able to play his fourth game for
decide and found himself on dem third place again. He also started at
the district championships, where he already has hisn first fight for sich decide
could. Dar followten, however, two defeats, so that he is from the Ttournament

In the +48 kg weight class became Johanna Hoyer without a fight District Masterin,
because that day no opponentswithin had started.

In the U13 age group, Ida Hein saw herself in the weight class 36 kg two opponents
opposite to. In the course of des competition, each of them could have a win and a
claim defeat. Since Ida managed to score the most points, she was finally able to call herself a proud district champion.

In the U15 age group, Tom Hein achieved in the weight classlasse 66 kg the second
ranked, although unfortunately he was up against his only opponent in two encounters
could not prevail.

In the weight class 50 kg were not for Marian Rasel opponents so that he reached the first place without a fight.

The TuS were also in the U18 age groupJudoka represented with two starters. Hannah
black entered the weight class 63 kg and faced a strong opponent
opposite to. After a long break from competition, she wasn’t able to do it yet
durchzusetzen, zenevertheless put in a strong performance and achieved the silver medal.

In the weight class 50 kg presented Philipp Bridge itself especially strong. He only faced one opponent, so after the “best of three” mode was fought. Of the three He was able to decide two encounters for himself, so that he deservedly went home with the gold medal.

Yannik was less fortunate Rasel in the weight class 60 kg, who suffered two defeats and with that eliminated from the tournament.

Of the TuS Eichengrün Kamen is very happy that the offspring are now back
can regularly compete with opponents and hopes for further good results with the
next competitions.

picture: The offspring of TuS Eichengrün Kamen is back in the district tournament in Lünen entered competition.


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