Tulio Gómez talks about a stadium for América de Cali

America of Cali It was one of the teams that failed in the current semester of the BetPlay League 2021-I. The Valle del Cauca cast failed to qualify for the final home runs and had a semester to forget, as it was also left out of the Copa Sudamericana and fired its coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who left amid disputes with the board.

Already with his mind set on the next championship, America hired Alexandre Guimaraes, the coach who made him champion in 2019 and with whom he hopes to once again be a protagonist in national and international football. For that, the fans demand that the directors, led by Tulio Gómez, the largest shareholder, bring category reinforcements to compete.

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However, the leader has not referred to this issue, although he did make an announcement that excites fans. In an interview with the Corrillo de Mao, Tulio assured that the plan is already under way so that America has its own stadium, just as Deportivo Cali already has.

“In one or two months I think we will make the official announcement for the América de Cali stadium. It will be multi-event, with a sliding roof and capacity for between 38,000 and 45,000 people,” Gómez said on the Valle del Cauca radio station.

The shareholder also answered where the resources for this project will come from: “The investment fund is working on the stadium, they are the ones who are going to put up the money. America is not going to invest a peso. The one who builds the stadium finances it with the sale of some boxes and surely with events; 50 events a year, but we have not reached an agreement”.

Finally, the leader referred to how the plan will be implemented and where in Cali it will remain.: “We’ll see [cómo se da la inversión] because a stadium is worth about 100 million dollars. What I demanded is that they deliver it to us turnkey, not that they deliver it and continue doing things to it. America must authorize the place where it will be done. Location is very important.”



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