Tulio Goméz denied seizure of shares

América de Cali continues with the rumors and news both on and off the field, After the alleged news that the ‘escarlata’ team had seized its actions, the same club in its different communication channels came out to deny said information that several journalists from Cali had delivered.

Led by its highest representative, Tulio Gómez, América came out to deny that the team had seized all the actions, in its statement it mentioned the following: “América de Cali SA “In Reorganization” informs its fans, the media and the general public opinion:

1. That América de Cali SA “In Reorganization”, To date, he is not the owner of any type of shares into which the company’s capital stock is divided.

2. That, in the shareholder registry book of the company, to date, No judicial order has been filed ordering the seizure and seizure of shares of any of its shareholders.

3. The legal matters to which the company has been summoned are being duly attended to by its lawyers, always seeking to defend the interests and assets of our institution.

He also added in his statement: “Thus things are, the information that is circulating on social networks, and in some news channels, that the shares of América de Cali are embargoed, after a precautionary measure imposed by a lawsuit, It is completely false and lacks any legal basis.

After the statement, it is confirmed that the information that circulated on social networks of an alleged embargo on the “scarlet” club is completely false; In addition, Tulio Gómez, America’s largest shareholder, in a dialogue with the ‘Corillo de Mao’ affirmed: “The stock thing is false. That was brought out by a slimy person who hates America, the same slimy person who said why are they bringing Guimarãesthat Duván Vergara was injured, which is a drunkard. The man, in hatred of him, thinks with desire and comes out with nonsense”.

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