Trolley basketball players beat Bosnia and enter Division A in the semi-finals of Division B of the European Championship

The Latvian cart basketball team beat Bosnia and Herzegovina in the semi-finals of the European Division B division tournament in Sarajevo in the semi-finals – 70:61 (15:18, 31:28, 52:46), ensuring the right to start for the first time in the European Division A division, which will take place in Rotterdam in 2023 ( The Netherlands). On Tuesday, June 21, at 8 pm, the final match with the Turkish team, which destroyed Lithuania in the semi-finals with 93:39.

The home team Latvia – Bosnia started the semi-final match more actively and more accurately (2: 8, 6:12). However, in the future, the Latvian team acted more purposefully and more precisely, taking over the management already at the end of the first half. In the 29th minute, the opponents reached 46:46, but the Latvian team continued to dominate. Ralfs Bundziņš scored 18 points (7 points), Raimunds Beginskis 16 (6 points), Kārlis Gabrānovs 15 (8 points), Agris Lasmans 11, Kārlis Podnieks 7 (7 points), Elvis Urga 3.

On Sunday, in the quarterfinals, the Latvian team beat the Belgian team – 53:48 (16:12, 26:22, 39:34). Raimunds Beginskis scored 18 points and won 7 balls, Kārlis Gabranovs 13, Kārlis Podnieks, Elvis Urga and Dmitrijs Rukavišņikovs 6 each, Ralfs Bundziņš 4 each.

Still in the quarterfinals: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Greece 82:49, Lithuania – Slovenia 71:55, Turkey – Croatia 90:50.

In the first game of the group tournament, the Latvian team beat the Slovenian team – 56:53 (13:16, 23:28, 38:36). The Latvian team Kārlis Podnieks scored 12 points and won 13 balls, Kaspars Turks 12 (also a successful 2 + 1 move 7 seconds before the end), Raimunds Beginskis 11 (8 assists), Elvis Urga 11 (16 atl.), Agris Lasmans 10.

In the second game Latvia – Ireland 66:40 (16:12, 31:20, 42:28). Raimunds Beginskis scored 19 points and won 9 balls, Kārlis Podnieks 15, Dimitrijs Rukavišņikovs 11, Elvis Urga 8, Ansis Bērziņš 5, Kaspars Turks 3, Andrejs Kirilovs 2, Ralfs Bundziņš 2, Agris Lasmans 1.

On Friday, June 17, the Latvian team secured the first place in subgroup C, winning the third victory in the tournament. The Serbian national team was beaten by 61:44 (11: 7, 22:21, 41:33). Kārlis Gabrānovs scored 20 points (7 rebounds), Raimunds Beginskis 14 (9 assists, 8 atl.), Elvis Urga 11 (9 atl.), Agris Lasmans 10, Ralfs Bundziņš 3, Dmitrijs Rukavišņikovs 3.

Also in subgroup C Serbia – Ireland 62:49, Slovenia – Serbia 57:46, Slovenia – Ireland 54:43. After 3 rounds: Latvia 3-0, Slovenia 2-1, Serbia 1-2, Ireland 0-3.

In subgroup A: Lithuania 2-0, Belgium 1-1, Portugal 0-2;

In subgroup B – Turkey 2-0, Greece 1-1, Czech Republic 0-2;

In subgroup D – Bosnia 3-0, Croatia 2-1, Bulgaria 1-2, Hungary 0-3.

For the second time, the Latvian trolley basketball team for the European Championship will be led by Lithuanian specialist Nerijus Venckus, Team members: Raimunds Beginskis (Livani), Kārlis Podnieks (Tērvete), Kārlis Gabranovs (Alūksne), Andrejs Kirillovs (Riga), Dmitrijs Rukavišņikovs (Carnikava), Vladimirs Saņuks (Jelgava), Ralfs Bundziņš (Ranka) and Elvis Urga (both Dobele). Sports doctor – Mārcis Jakovičs (Madona), manager – Aigars Miklāvs (Cēsis).

Five trolley basketball players have played in professional teams in Western Europe this season: Raimunds Beginskis, Dmitrijs Rukavišņikovs and Ralfs Bundziņš in Italy, Kārlis Podnieks in Germany, Kārlis Gabranovs in France.

In the B division of the European Championship in 2016, the Latvian national team won the 5th place, in 2018 – the 8th place, in 2021 – the 3rd place.



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