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Follow in SPORT all the movements of the transfer market of the best basketball league on the planet

The transfer period of the NBA has been restarted. The Golden State Warriors they proclaimed competition Champions, and the other teams have already begun to reinforce themselves thinking about the next ring.

The market offers some really interesting names such as Zach LaVine, that after playing in the Chicago Bulls last season, he is free to sign for any team, just like Ricky Rubio, Lou Williams o TJ Warren. There are also other names like Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook o Bradley Beal, that they are free agents but have the option of player to continue in their respective teams. The situation of DeAndre Ayton is also peculiar, being a free agent restricted by the Phoenix Suns, that they could study their transfer.

Nunn will continue in Lakers

Kendrik Nunn exercises his ‘player option’ of 5.2 million dollars and will continue one more season in the Los Angeles Lakers.

The champion moves token

The American press assumes that Golden State Warriors to negotiate Andrew Wiggins’ contract extension this summertied to the franchise until next season.

Westbrook has several suitors

Despite the fact that good old Russell has not had his best season in Los Angeles, several franchises could move this summer to get his services. Among the most popular in recent hours, Charlotte Hornets. In Lakers of course, happy to negotiate.

Cam Johnson, headed to New Orleans?

The Suns could be studying send Cam Johnson to New Orleans in exchange for the Pelicans’ 8th pick in this draft. The operation would allow Ayton to renew without having to pay a good sum of money in the luxury tax.


Kyrie Irving have player option to continue in the Brooklyn Nets one more season at a rate of almost 37 million dollars. But the lack of understanding between the franchise and the player to extend the relationship is stagnant, as the journalist Shams Charania recognized, which could lead to his salida of the New York team.

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