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The draft period is barely over when we are already focusing on free agency. Because it arrives on the first of July and like every year, The Daily Dunk offers you a small top 5, post by post. Today we finish the ball with the pivots.

1 – Deandre Ayton

If there is an unforeseeable case in this free agency, it is him. According to several sources, Deandre Ayton would have already played his last game with the Suns given the too great divide between the first choice of the 2018 draft and his coach / group. If he is a wonderful player, his lack of professionalism does not pass to Phoenix. And it could cost him his contract max. Today, several franchises are interested in his profile but the question is: how much will they be ready to put on the pivot of the Suns?

2 – Mo Bamba

Whatever happens, his signature will be a much less risky bet than during his draft, because at a lower cost. Chosen in sixth position in the 2018 draft, Mo Bamba never confirmed his potential where the physical glitches did not really help him. On the other hand, the pivot proved on certain passages that he was a player of caliber top 10 draft. A role with less expectation, less pressure could then suit him very well. It’s up to him to seize his chance, especially since many teams are attracted to him.

3 – Serge Ibaka

In this list, Serge Ibaka is the only one to have been trained in position 4. With the evolution of the game, the interior has been modernized and has offered its services in the rotation of the Bucks or the Clippers recently. He could change teams again, but soon to be 33, his goal is still to win another NBA title. And the contenders should target him fairly quickly in this free agency.

4 – Mitchell Robinson

Third pivot of the 2018 vintage to be free this summer. Except that the tendency is rather that he stays with the Knicks for an amount of 10 to 12 million dollars per year. Seems to be good for both sides, but Mitchell Robinson might have some last-minute suitors. Hoping that the pivot really works on his faults during the offseason, because after four years in this league, Mitchell Robinson can no longer make rookie mistakes.

5 – Jusuf Nurkic

In 2022, it seems difficult to assess the true level of Jusuf Nurkic. Before his injury, the pivot had amazed with his impact and versatility. Since that time, he has never regained his best level, and after a rather honorable season (15 points, 11 rebounds on average), we remain unclear about the type of contract that will be offered to him. And his camp did not deliver the slightest clue either.

Honorable Mentions : DeMarcus Cousins, Hassan Whiteside, Robin Lopez, Gorgui Dieng, Thomas Bryant, Andre Drummond, Tristan Thompson, JaVale McGee.

Despite the increased cap, franchises should be pretty wise, especially with pivots. Lots of uncertainty about the future of players in this position, a rather limited role for many. This is the hard law of the pivot in 2022.



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