TOP-5 Most Popular Betting Types in Online Sports Betting

Online bookmakers offer dozens of sports disciplines. Bettors can find not only the main types of sports, such as football, cricket, tennis or basketball, but also the less popular ones, such as badminton, table tennis, etc.

Le online sports betting they are characterized by a wide range of bets. Bettors can predict any parameter, starting from the final score up to the individual performance of the players. However, there are the most popular types of predictions. Let’s consider them in more detail.

TOP-5 Common Types of Bets

  1. Total

This type of prediction is based on the realization of certain indicators during the course of a match. If the bet is for a football match, it can be a number of:

– goals scored

– corner kiks;

– falli;

– offside;

– shooting at the target;

– yellow and red cards, etc.

In tennis, it is offered to bet on the number of matches and sets. In hockey, totals are applied to goals, removals or target shots. In basketball, point totals are used.

In general, the options for the online sports betting they are more than enough. At the same time, bettors can make predictions on the total of all matches, or on time, quarter, half, set, period, etc.

Here we also distinguish the Total Plus and Total Minus. In addition, there is also an Asian total, where the bet is divided into two equal parts of the amount and is placed on the closest values.

  1. Double chance

This type of bet is suitable for prudent bettors and involves betting on one of the teams or on the draw and win of one or the other team. The online results look like this:

– 1X;

– 12;

– X2.

But you need to know that the odds for these results are quite low and if you don’t have 100% confidence in the step then it is better to choose another option.

  1. Handicap

It is a type of prediction in which a certain number is added or subtracted from the score of the selected club. In other words, the team should win with a certain score difference or, conversely, lose with a smaller score difference than specified. There are several types of handicaps:

– positive;

– less;

– zero;

– difficile.

As with the totals, bettors can also predict the Asian handicap.

  1. Time / match and time / time score

When making this type of prediction in the online sports betting, the player is asked to guess how the first half, match or period will end, as well as who will be the winner after the entire match. Thus, it is possible to provide a prediction for the victory of a particular team in the first half and for the victory of the opponent based on the results of the entire match. The odds for these bets are quite high, but remember that in order to make a profit you need to provide a correct prediction for both outcomes.

It is also possible to bet on time / time. In this case, the final result of the match will not be taken into account. The only thing that matters is who will be stronger in each half, match or period.

  1. Individual player performance

These types of predictions are most common for soccer matches. Bettors predict whether this or that player will be able to score at the opponent’s goal, whether or not he will receive a yellow or red card, whether he will be substituted, etc.

But sometimes it is possible to bet on individual performance in other sports. For example, NBA games often give results on the total and number of rebounds or assists made by a particular player.

The lines of the online sports betting they are varied and rich. Bookmakers offer bettors the ability to predict any action and outcome, making money on it. The main thing is to choose the discipline you like the most and spend time with pleasure cheering for your favorite club and foreseeing as many results as possible. However, remember that when betting on your favorite club’s matches, it is important to stay fair and analyze the stats wisely.



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