Tony Gonsolin and his salary with Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB 2022

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Tony Gonsolin He has become one of the best pitchers in MLB and to Dodgers It has been a big deal, as it has one of the lowest salaries in 2022. The right-handed pitcher is earning the minimum for a player who is playing in Big leagues because he still cannot aspire to salary arbitration.

Tony Gonsolin is living his best year in MLB. The star pitcher, before the start of the season, was not contemplated to make up the starting rotation, but thanks to his good Spring Training he earned his place. Now, “Catman” is one of the most valuable players in the Dodgers in the current regular harvest.

Tony Gonsolin’s salary with the Dodgers

The “Ace” of the rotation of the Dodgers, Tony Gonsolinis receiving a salary of $720 thousand dollars in the 2022 season of the MLB. With this, the right-handed pitcher is one of the players in the Los Angeles ninth that earns the least money, but this will change in the next campaign.

Tony Gonsolin, in the 2023 season of the MLB, you will be able to enter the salary arbitration process where you would be aspiring to a millionaire salary. The star will still remain several years with the Los Angeles Dodgers and will become a free agent until the end of the 2026 season of Big leagues.

Tony Gonsolin remains undefeated this season, since he has a record of 8-0, records an ERA of 1.42 in 12 starts (63.1 innings). In addition, the right-handed pitcher has prescribed 60 strikeouts, has given away 20 walks, has a WHIP of 0.821 and rival sluggers hit him at .147.

Written by: Erick Aguirre

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