Together unbeatable in the Unified competitions: Together unbeatable in the Unified competitions

Unbeatable together is the motto of our games and that’s exactly how athlete Thorben von Kneten and his Unified Partner Lukas Ehresmann from 1st Budokan Hünxe started in judo in the Unified Kata competitions.
Background: At Unified Sports®, people with and without intellectual disabilities start together. And at the Berlin 2022 National Games, there will be unified pairs and teams in all sports except roller skating and powerlifting.
We spoke to Thorben and Lukas and their trainer Gabriele Gramsch to find out more about the successful Unified Team.
Thorben, who is now 24, started judo at the age of nine and has been training in judo kata with his new partner Lukas, who is one year his junior, since the beginning of the year.
Unified Kata competitions are predetermined sequences of techniques that are evaluated by the judges. This also includes whether the two move synchronously.
Coach Gabriele is also happy about the commitment: “I think it’s great that we have young people like Lukas who live the idea of ​​inclusion.”
Five couples are currently training together in the 1st Budokan Hünxe, also thanks to a cooperation with the two clubs TB Osterfeld and PSV Oberhausen.
Thorben is also competing individually in judo this week in Berlin and, in addition to being active in sports, he is also involved in the club as an assistant coach.
He relieves the trainers and at the same time takes another step towards social participation – a classic win-win situation.
Just like in Unified Sports® in general: Both athletes and Unified Partners have fun, shared experiences and celebrate successes together.

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