“Today Barça could sign Lewandowski as long as…”

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Eduard Romeu has once again assessed the possible arrival of the Pole once the levers have been approved by the partners

The economic vice president has assessed all the steps taken in the assembly and the roadmap for the coming weeks

A very important step forward for the current directive and for the recent future of FC Barcelona which was given in the extraordinary assembly of delegates. The levers were pulled forward. A priori, from now on the roadmap should go through stages. To the point of having economic muscle to reinforce the workforce. What the culé awaits most anxiously. And Xavi, come on. Eduard Romeu, economic vice president, has passed through the microphones of RAC 1 this Friday.

“It was a necessary procedure. It does mean taking out a peso, but so far we have only managed to have the traffic light green, ”explained the manager. “We have to specify and finish the job”, he added.

Regarding whether, with everything approved, one can already think about bringing Lewandowski, Romeu commented that “today, I could sign Lewandowski as long as we apply the 1/3” rule. As we are in breach of LaLiga’s fair play, if we are not capable of amortize three times what your ticket would cost, it would not be possible”.


Thus, there are still conditions (logical) to execute the transfer of the Polish. Beyond reaching an agreement with Bayern, of course, it will be complicated in itself.



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