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The UANL women’s basketball representative Tigres was proclaimed two-time champion in the Big 8 Tournamentfinal phase of the Student Basketball Association League (ABE League) by defeating the Borregas of ITESM Monterrey 55-49 in a match held at the facilities of the Center for Technical and Higher Education (CETYS) located in Tijuana, Baja California.

Women’s Tigres finished the regular season of the ABE League with a mark of 16 wins and 7 losses, which allowed them to rank fifth overall and secure a place in the fight to remain as monarch of the women’s branch, since in the 2019 had achieved the national title.

The team led by Guillermo Torres and assisted by Héctor Medina qualified for the final phase to fight against the squads of Tec Monterrey Campus Monterrey, Tec Monterrey Campus Estado de México, Tec Monterrey Campus Hidalgo, UPAEP, UVM Campus Querétaro, CETYS and Anáhuac Norte.

In the quarterfinals, the UANL squad faced Tec Monterrey Campus Mexico City, which they defeated 68-51, to advance to the semifinals, where they defeated the Águilas of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla by 57-53. .

It should be noted that just a few weeks ago these two squads met for the gold medal at the 2022 National Universiade with a result in favor of the UPAEP, without forgetting that in the 2019 edition of the ABE League Tigres was crowned by defeating the Eagles.

Tigres maintains the women’s championship of the ABE League

In the match for the championship the call would be given Royal Grand Final when Tigres femenil ran into Borregas from Tec Monterrey, the UANL representative team being the winner by a score of 55 to 49, to obtain the ABE League bi-championship and continue with the hegemony of the felines over the Borregas in university basketball.

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Just at the 2022 National Universiade, the women’s Tigres beat the Borregas in the semifinals to play the final of the maximum university student event.

The best scorer for the Tigres was Ángela Carrasco with 12 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist. Sthephany Chavez was considered part of the Big 8 ideal team, as well as considered the best player in the tournament.

Consolidation of basketball at UANL

In this way, the feline quintet advances towards the consolidation of the UANL basketball program by achieving, since the arrival of coach Federico Sánchez, being placed in the medal table of the National Universiade and being a two-time national champion.

Only in 2017 Tigres femenil played in Division II of the ABE League, achieving promotion to Division I in 2018. A year later they won the national championship and when the tournament resumed they were crowned two-time champion.

Tigres maintains the women's championship of the ABE League
Tigres maintains the women’s championship of the ABE League

At the 2018 National Universiade, Tigres won the bronze medal by defeating Tec Monterrey Campus Querétaro 64-49, later, in the 2019 edition, they would obtain the bronze medal again by defeating the Universidad Marista de Mérida 68-67. while in 2022 he won silver when he fell to the UPAEP Eagles in the grand final.



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