Three-person Basketball World Cup: The Chinese women’s team advanced to the semi-finals, the US men’s and women’s teams missed the semi-finals_France_Belgium_Lithuania

Original title: Three-person Basketball World Cup: Chinese women’s team advanced to semifinals, US men’s and women’s team missed semifinals

China News Agency, Beijing, June 26. China’s three-person women’s basketball team entered the top four in the 2022 three-person basketball World Cup with a complete victory over the host, and is two wins away from achieving the goal of defending the title. The three men’s basketball arena were unpopular, with the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Latvia and the last World Cup champion USA both missing out on the semi-finals.

In the early morning of the 26th, Beijing time, the 2022 FIBA ​​Three-person Basketball World Cup ended in the quarter-finals in Antwerp, Belgium. The Chinese women’s team defeated the host Belgian team 21:13 and will face France, Lithuania and Canada in the semi-finals. The teams meet for another semi-final.

Because the main scorer in the team was unexpectedly absent due to injury, the Belgian team, which was not as strong as the Chinese team, was even worse. At the beginning of the campaign, the Chinese team led 5:0, and then expanded the lead to 8:1. Although the Belgian team once narrowed the score gap to 2 points, the overall strength of the Chinese team still easily won the game with 21:13.

The opponent of China’s three women’s basketball team in the semifinals will be France, which narrowly beat Spain 15-14 in the quarter-finals. At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese three-person women’s basketball team won the first Olympic bronze medal with 16:14 in the third and fourth finals against the then-ranked French team in the world.

In the last (2019) World Cup, China’s three-person women’s basketball team reached the top for the first time. In this World Cup, the Chinese women’s team, the defending champion, is the favorite to win the championship. The Chinese women’s team also lived up to expectations and directly advanced to the quarter-finals as the first place in the group stage. In the quarter-finals, the Chinese women’s team also became the only group leader in the three-person women’s basketball arena that made it to the semi-finals. The other three groups’ first-place teams, the United States, Poland and Spain, all stopped in the quarter-finals.

The semi-finals of the men’s team in this three-person Basketball World Cup have also been produced one after another. Surprisingly, the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Latvia and the last World Cup champion USA lost to Serbia and Lithuania respectively in the quarter-finals and missed the semi-finals. Serbia and Belgium, Lithuania and France will compete in the semifinals. The Chinese men’s team has 1 win and 3 losses in the group stage and has been eliminated early.

This three-person basketball World Cup final will be held in the early morning of the 27th Beijing time. (Finish)

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