“This year, with all the strength of Tatsuru Saito, will win the long-awaited position in Japan” Interview with Shinya Yoshinaga and Kokushikan University / All Japan Student Judo Championship (71 times for boys) | eJudo

On the 20th, less than a week before the tournament, I visited Kokushikan University for training.

As the all-Japan student judo championship (71 times for boys), which competes for the best student judo in Japan with the traditional 7-person system and indiscriminate regulation, is approaching this weekend, it will interfere with the training of Kokushikan University, which is rumored to be the top candidate for the championship. Then, we talked to Director Shinya Yoshinaga and Captain Mitsutaka Kumasaka.

While star players are gathered in the 3rd grade, led by the champion of the All Japan Championship, Tatsuru Saito, Director Yoshinaga keeps his usual stance and says, “If the 4th grade does not step on, the best student in Japan cannot win”, Mitsutaka Kumasaka to the key man.・ Name three people, Issei Nakanishi and Nozomi Ando. This is the attitude of a traditional school. Please enjoy the interview with Kokushikan University’s “wind” that sounds with intense training.

Interviewer: Hideki Furuta
* The interview was held on June 20th (Monday).

“This year is the game, fighting desperately and winning the long-cherished position of No. 1 in Japan.”

Director Shinya Yoshinaga, Kokushikan University

――We have all the members this year. According to the previous reputation, it seems that Kokushikan University is the best.

We received wonderful players from various high schools, and really good members gathered. I want to win every year, but I feel like this year. All the instructors, including myself, think that this year is the game, and the students should have the same feelings.

――I think that judo fans are very aware of this year’s members, but could you briefly introduce the team from the director?

First grader. With Captain Kumasaka (Mitsutaka) as the axis, Nakanishi (Life) and Ando (Rare Akira) have joined the players. All three are the type who practice hard and pull the team with their backs. Both practice and personal life are just a model for the team. Kumasaka won the strengthening player selection meeting in May, and Nakanishi won the All Japan Championship for the second consecutive year, showing that he has improved his performance. These three 4th graders are the center of the team. Needless to say, the third grader is Tatsuru Saito. And Tsubasa Takahashi, Takeichi (Daisuke), Fujinaga (Ryutaro), Kanazawa (Satoshi), Tanaka (Yudai) and other players who have been active since high school gathered in this grade. I have high expectations, and even though they are in the third grade, I have a strong feeling that we will pull them instead of leaving them to the fourth grade. This feeling can be read tremendously from practice and life. A reliable generation.

Enough spirit from warming up
This year’s theme is “recapture”

――Tatsuru Saito’s presence is out of the picture. It’s been a while since the champion of the All Japan Championship appeared in the student championship and was targeted by all the players. As a greeting side.



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