“This is the most likely destination for Russell Westbrook”

Not yet certain to continue with the Lakers this season, Russell Westbrook could leave the ship this summer. Several teams are mentioned, including one that comes up insistently. It would be a real surprise, but if Kyrie Irving becomes available, nothing should be ruled out in Los Angeles. Westbrook is warned: a trade is not impossible.

Disappointing for his first campaign with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook may not have the opportunity to redeem himself. Even if Darvin Ham, the new coach, is counting on him at the start of the school year, the front office does not rule out a trade before that. It must be said that the movements are numerous during the summer, with franchises which may want to try their luck with the leader. Furthermore, the soap opera Kyrie Irving does not helpsince a swap between the two players is not impossible.

Homecoming for Russell Westbrook?

Westbrook at the Nets? It’s a solution if Kyrie’s trade gets ready, but we’re still a long way from that. Truth be told, it’s another franchise that is often mentioned to get Brodie back, and has been for the past few months: the Thunder. Nobody will be surprised, since we are talking about the old house of Russ, who would not say no to the idea of ​​returning there.

The most likely scenario for Russ is still to finish in Oklahoma City. They can take his contract in cap space, give him a year to get back to being himself, and take a few rounds of drafting in the process.

This is the statement of a leader to the Heavy site, as much to say that everyone will not agree. After all, can Russ really get back to his true level, or is he just on the downslope?

Not only is the level of the player worrying, but bringing such a star into a rebuilding squad is certainly not a good idea. Young players, like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, need to develop, not to mention Josh Giddey. This fit is therefore far from obvious:

The most likely scenario? While the Thunder will have to pay the tax (they can’t just take his salary). We’re talking about a bad team, which brings back a player who is a terrible fit for this young nucleus? And then play it?

Russell Westbrook at the Thunder is far from over. This could suit the Lakers, but it would be quite terrible for Oklahoma City, which must mainly rely on its young people, so that they continue to develop thereafter. When we know the importance of Brodie, his place rather belongs to a franchise that dreams of the title. Whether at the Angelinos, or elsewhere.



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