This is the Candidate Against Arema FC in the 2022 President’s Cup Quarterfinals, Record the Play Schedule

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Arema FC has confirmed to be the first team to qualify for the last 8 of the 2022 President’s Cup.

The success of Arema FC topped the 2022 President’s Cup Group D standings is entitled to a ticket to the next round.

By being the leader of the group, apart from being entitled to a ticket to the quarter-finals, Arema Fc can also host the match again.

According to the rules, the host is the first place in the final standings of the preliminary round of each group.

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Arema FC’s advantage as the host makes the opportunity to qualify for the next round more open.

Because apart from the ban on rivals between the hosts, it is also supported by the mental drumming of the players.

Meanwhile, according to the drawing scheme that has been done, Arema will face the runner-up in Group B.

This group was played in Samarinda with contestants Barito Putra, hosts Borneo FC, Rans Nusantara FC, Madura United FC and Persija Jakarta.

Then PSM will then fight the winners of Group B in the quarter-finals.

As is known, PT LIB has announced 18 teams divided into 5 groups, and Group C is called the hell group.



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