This is how Carlos Tevez lived the defeat of Rosario Central against Vélez in Liniers: he already added two reinforcements

Tevez’s arrival at José Amalfitani where he met with Chapa Retegui

The first contact of Carlos Tevez with its futures directed at Rosario Central generated a revolution this Monday at the José Amalfitani Stadium, since the Apache witnessed the 2-0 defeat against Vélez for the fourth date of the Professional League. The former Boca Juniors striker was accompanied by Carlos “Chapa” Reteguiwho will be in his coaching staff.

In Liniers there was an entertaining soccer game in which Vélez proposed, but he faced a team with a good touch, a trademark of rogue casts. However, the focus before, during and after the match was around Tevez, who 20 minutes before the match arrived by car and got out in the parking lot located under the North stalls of the Jose Amalfitani Stadium.

The Apache was accompanied by his brothers, who will also be in his task force at Central. In the parking lot they met with Retegui and with the security personnel they went to one of the boxes to closely follow the alternatives of the match against Fortín and thus begin to get acquainted with the players who will be under his command.

Tevez entered the sector without making any statements and then sat down to see his future team live. The images showed Retegui talking to Carlos at every moment, especially after the first goal scored by Vélez. But Tevez did not move nor did he make any angry gesture despite the goalkeeper’s mistake Gaspar Serviuswho lost the ball in a low exit and after the pressure of Lucas Pratto it was left to Luca Orellano who opened the scoring.

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Tevez and Retegui in one of the boxes following the match alternatives

Carlos kept his eyes fixed on the field of play and was aware of all the details. In the Central complement he improved and had chances in a game that at times had an intense process and with arrivals from both sides. But with seven minutes to go, Damian Fernandez he converted the second goal for Fortín and settled the lawsuit.

Tevez was seen very focused following the movements of the Canalla footballers, a team that did not start well in the overall of the four dates since this Monday he added his second defeat (lost 2-0 with Huracán in Parque Patricios), tied 0 -0 with Lanús at the Gigante de Arroyito, where he had just beaten Godoy Cruz 1-0. Tonight the team was led by German Rivarolawho took over on an interim basis after the departure of Leandro Somoza.

Retegui speaks to Tevez. They were like this for almost the entire match (@fotobairesarg)

Tevez and Retegui will have to work to accommodate the team that has players with good feet. In principle, this Tuesday the Apache would be presented in his position in Rosario and after a lunch with the campus his contract would be signed. His debut on the bench will be this Friday against Gymnastics, from 19 local.

It should be remembered that Retegui is still defining his departure as Undersecretary of Sports of the City of Buenos Aires, a position he assumed in January of this year. El Chapa, former coach of the men’s and women’s national hockey teams, always wanted to coach soccer and took the appropriate course.

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In the next few hours the countdown will come to an end for Tevez to take charge of the Rosario squad. He was very involved in Liniers’ night and everything indicates that the intensity that characterized him as a player will accompany him as a coach.

Meanwhile, he incorporated his second reinforcement: a Francis Mac Allisterformer Argentinian midfielder and Talleres de Córdoba, the Colombian joined Joseph Leudo, also a midfielder, 28, from Patriotas of his country. It is worth remembering that the landing of Tevez in Rosario came from the hand of a business group that will provide players, headed by Christian Bragarnik.


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