This is Faber, the Nacional fan who became a trend due to his passion at the stadium

Nacional is an overflowing passion for its fans. Some jump, shout, encourage from the stands of the stadium and others do it from their homes, behind the televisions. As they are used to winning, when titles are elusive they become staunch critics of the players, the coach on duty and even question the love for their team.

But the fans are loyal, though Five years have passed since the last league title won by the purslane team and in that time the campaigns in international tournaments, one of the main pride of its fans, have not been so good like the one in 2016when they won their second Copa Libertadores.

The feeling of the fans of the King of Cups for his shirt, sometimes, goes beyond rationality. For some it is a cultural tradition, something linked to the fact of being from Antioquia. For others it’s a family heirloom that continues generation after generation. The taste for Nacional transcends the borders of Antioquia. Throughout the country there is always a fan of the green box.

But Last Tuesday, June 22, one went viral on social networks, because in the team’s open-door training at the Athanasius He showed the fervor with which he lives being a fan of Nacional. almost in tears Faber Hernan Pulgarinjumped, shouted, clapped her hands, held her head and looked at the sky, as imploring divine help for the purslane to be champions again.

With his long-sleeved shirt and green sun hat, he became the most wanted person in the city, because from Nacional they wanted to take him to meet his idols. This newspaper also helped spread the video from the Twitter account so that they could find it. And it happened.

Atlético Nacional published a video on its networks in which the manwho told of being a green fan since he was five or six years old, meets roster idols like Dorlan Pabón, Giovanni Moreno, Jefferson Duque and Alexander Mejía. Number 8 gave him a shirt with his name on it that was signed by several players on the squad.

Faber lives in Oriental manrique and in the short he assured that “National for my life is everythingit’s love, it’s joy, because he who doesn’t know, can’t talk about this “.

Pulgarín’s feeling is the same as many fans of the green teamand today they hope to take the first step to get the 17th star and continue marking distance with America y millionaires as the most winning team in the history of Colombian soccer, when they face the Sports Tolima at 8 pm in the first final of the Betplay Dimayor League 2022-1.



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