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Challenges are the order of the day in the social networks and there are more and more unusual ones, like the one starring a group of friends. In a video that was made viralshot a basketball from a plane 300 meters high in USA.

The long-distance throw was made by Isaiah LeDuc-Pierce, 19, who had the support of his friends Nick Vignery and Corbin Monzon, according to La Vanguardia. These last two young people were on board a quad or four-wheeler, which followed the movements of the plane.

The young people are originally from Clyde, a city located in Cloud County, in the US state of Kansas, where the epic scene was recorded. According to Wikipedia, in 2010 it had a population of 716 inhabitants and a population density of 421.18 people per km².2

In order for LeDuc-Pierce to be able to reach a height of 300 meters in a small plane, the agricultural pilot Wyatt Trost was of great help, since he propelled the plane. “We were on his farm and we were thinking of doing the trick one day. We decided to do it just for fun to see if we could really do it, and we did it! ”, Indicated the young man on his social networks.

The most incredible basket that has been seen on the networks

In order to achieve the goal, the youngsters had to take into account important details such as the speed of the plane, the speed of the quad that was carrying the basket, the distance and the deflection of the ball, according to La Vanguardia. In addition, the launcher had to be with a great aim.

After 18 attempts, the youngsters managed to make the basketball fall at full speed into the net and everything was recorded. The video was posted on Instagram and Nick and Corbin’s reaction went viral.

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