They reveal Lionel Messi’s concern for Rodrigo De Paul in the face of his romance with Tini: “He doesn’t like it at all”

Rodrigo DePaul In recent years, it has become a benchmark in the Argentine national team. His performances in the cycle he commands Lionel Scaloni they catapulted him to a privileged place in the hierarchy of the campus. In addition to his remarkable soccer level, which was complemented by the historic conquest of the America Cup ante Brazilthe player increased his media exposure in recent months since he made the romance with Tini Stoessel.

As a result of being two people with a high level of popularity in their environments, each appearance, whether in person at an event or on their social networks, where millions of followers have access to details of their personal life, is news in the media. communication. With the World Cup in Qatar just around the corner, Lionel Messithe captain of the national team, decided to give some advice to De Paul for what keep a low profile and that his name is permanently on the lips of journalists.

In the program Show Partners (eltrece), its driver Rodrigo Lussich presented the topic and assured that La Pulga, who is in Ibiza celebrating his 35th birthday, he is not satisfied with their attitudes: “Messi and another player spoke with De Paul and asked him to lower the media exposure, to lower his profile. They asked him to loosen up a little bit in the midst of so much controversy because the coaching staff, the squad, the team and their surroundings do not like it at all”.

They filter Messi’s request to De Paul in front of his romance with Tini

Along the same lines, the panelist Karina Iavicoli He also provided information: “(Diego) Simeone, his coach at Atlético de Madrid, also asked him, he is not at all happy with everything he is seeing. Because he could do everything that he does with Tini, but he doesn’t show himself as much. They are all the time uploading stories to their Instagram.

The presence of the former player of Racing on Messi’s birthday he was not only in the celebration. Finally, Tini decided to travel with him and generated discord among the group of wives of the players: “He was going to travel alone, but at the last minute she joined him and it is the first time he has been in a relationship with the wives of other soccer players. I don’t like anything. Her wives keep her apart because they are very close friends with Camila HomsDe Paul’s ex, “said Iavícoli.

In the midst of this media conflict, the journalist also ruled that De Paul not committed to raising their children Francesca y Bautista: “I am not saying that Rodrigo has lost his way, but if it seems bad to me that he does not see his children after spending more than ten years with a person, here Tini It has nothing to do with it. It is he who does not take care of his children, how can you change from one day to the next. Jorgelina (Cardoso)the woman from Angel Di MariaHe was also very angry they are very loyal to Camila who is the victim”.

To conclude the topic, Lussich entered into the present of the Argentina squad, which in November will play the Qatar World Cup: “He asks De Paul to concentrate for the World Cup, which could be Messi’s last.”



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