They publish photos of Gerard Piqué with a blonde with whom he would be unfaithful to Shakira, in Sweden | football curiosities

They both knew it, that once they got involved they would be the target of paparazzi and all kinds of people interested in their private life. And yet they took the risk. Now that they’re not together, what would they give to be a little more inconspicuous?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been for weeks on the cover of the media, literally from all over the world, desperately seeking evidence of the alleged infidelity that would have caused their separation.

Although many have said that she is a 22-year-old girl, employed as a model in one of the athlete’s companies, and who according to others would be pregnant, the reality is that Piqué seems to be attending more than one front in this new single life that seems to be living in a frenzy.

As reported by the ‘Mamarazzis’ of El Periódico, Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, last Wednesday, the soccer player flew to Stockholm, for an event of his company Kosmos, and was seen accompanied by a mysterious blonde, of whom only one can be seen silhouette but no more information.

This is how the cameras captured him, while trying to go unnoticed:

The image was published by a Swedish “influencer” and businesswoman, who had a disagreement with the footballer that night and decided to post it on her networks: “Listen to me loser @3gerardpique Surely many girls at this party wanted to XXXX with you, and I saw you and immediately thought in my son. I was clear with you, I asked you to greet my son. You told me no. Who are you? A guy who dribbles with the ball?”, he wrote on his Instagram, which he later had to close due to the harassment of hundreds of Spaniards, according to herself.

The truth is that, as a result of his anger, he ended up exposing the woman with whom Piqué would have cheated on Shakira, the mother of his two children. Just in case, this is one more chapter of a novel that seems endless. The condemnation of fame, over and over again.



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