These are the competitions that start this third day of the Bolivarian Games

Five team sports and seven individual sports will make their debut in this 19th edition of the Bolivarian Games.

Athletes from badminton, handball, boxing, futsal, artistic gymnastics, judo, karate, speed skating, water polo, rowing, softball and squash will start the race for a spot on the podium.

Likewise, at 9:00 am, in Valledupar, Karate will begin at the Coliseo Colegio Comfacesar Rodolfo Campo Soto (Valledupar) with Kumite combats in both the female and male branches that will face athletes from the 11 countries that compete in the Bolivarian Games.

The adrenaline of Speed ​​Skating also enters the race on this day. At 9:00 am the 200 m (female and male) will be run, awarding the first medals of this sport. Then, at 4:00 pm the tests will return with the 500m in both branches, also with the definition of medals. The tests will be at the Elías Ochoa Daza Municipal Skating Track in Valledupar.

At 9:00 a.m. the Water Polo will also be added with the debut in the first match of the Colombia National Team that will face Venezuela in women, while in the men’s branch Colombia will debut against Peru at 11:00 a.m. and the last match of the day will be played by Peru and Venezuela in female.

Judo will continue programming from the Coliseo Colegio Bilingüe de Valledupar with preliminary combats and direct elimination in women from 10:00 am, an event in which judokas from Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Colombia will participate.

For its part, in the Chimichagua sub-venue, Rowing will deliver four gold medals; in One pair of short oars and in Double pair of short oars light weight in both branches. The competitions will begin at 10 am at the Ciénaga de Zapatosa Circuit.

In another of the team disciplines, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela will be the delight of softball lovers. The debut of the Bolivarian tournament will be the match between Guatemala and Venezuela (it is played only in women). The games will be played in the new Dorismel Pacheco Softball stadium, of the La Gota Fría Sports Unit.

Artistic Gymnastics will begin at 10:30 am at La Feria Coliseum (Valledupar), with the Rings, Pommel Horse, High Bar, and Parallel Bars competitions. On this first day, gymnasts from Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Colombia will compete.

The starting whistle for Futbol Sala will be at 5 pm at the Valledupar Fair Coliseum. The men’s teams from Paraguay and the Dominican Republic will be the first to take to the field.

Finally, the long day on Saturday June 25 closes with Boxing, which will have a day, starting at 5 pm with a total of 10 fights in the men’s branch and in the categories of 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg and 91 kg. . The competitions will take place in the ring of the Parque de la Leyenda in Valledupar.

Medals of the day

The third day of competitions in Valledupar 2022 will award 24 gold medals

2 and bowling
2 in fencing
2 in artistic gymnastics
5 in judo
5 and karate
4 in speed skating
4 rowing.



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