The women of the Beelitz Blue Eagles aim high

“Ready? Go!” resounds across the sports field. The quarterback throws the small orange and tan football as far as it will go. He flies through the air in a high arc, a player tries to catch him. But the defense is too good, the ball lands on the lawn. never mind It’s not yet decisive if a throw goes wrong, if not all moves are in place. Because the American football players in the Brandenburg town of Beelitz are still in their infancy, it’s just six months since the Blue Eagles women’s team was founded.

“So many women have contacted us that they would like to play football,” says Leonie Wunderlich from SG Blau-Weiß Beelitz 1912/1990. “So we started an appeal on Instagram.” The 20-year-old trainee is one of the most active players and also takes over the training from time to time. “I’ve also tried other sports, such as football, but I didn’t like the group dynamics there. There’s a completely different team spirit in football,” she says, explaining her fascination with the sport.



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