The Warriors’ latest title is an annoying distraction from who they should be playing for Christmas

The last time was The important things first on air, they enjoyed the greatest gift of any sports television program: the ability to react to a championship won the night before. That was Friday, about three days ago by my calculations. This morning, the wheel of fortune is spinning at breakneck speed, and Kevin Wildes just didn’t want to let it get him down. He came to the table with his homework and was willing to talk about anything that might help fill the time between commercial breaks. His thoroughly researched and seemingly entrenched beliefs about what the NBA should be doing with Christmas Day matchups in six months’ time proved that there really is no remnant of fatigue and the media as a whole barely lets a title breathe before looking far into the distance Space for the next big – or in this case – smaller thing.

According to @kevinwildes, Warriors are the most interesting opponents on Christmas Day:

1. Brooklyn

2. Lakers

3. Dollar

4. Celts

5. Grizzlies

“MEM-GSW is a nice game, but it’s a strong no. The NBA competes against the 3 NFL games. They have to do their best.”

— First things first (@FTFonFS1) June


Anytime someone says “Twitter isn’t real life” within the first few seconds of their babble is an indication to listen carefully because the drive is going to be some places. But Wildes was able to land the plane because he did what can make a creator special, which is to take something completely irrelevant and treat it with the utmost seriousness. A classic to revisit on the first real day of NBA offseason programming for FTF.

As for Wilde’s arguments, they seem convincing and supported by some data. And it’s piqued real interest from Chris Broussard.

“We have better games than Golden State-Memphis. Let’s build the next 2 superstars. Yes Morant vs Anthony Edwards. Edwards is becoming a real superstar on and off the pitch. MEM needs to show me they’re at GSW’s level before we let them play on Christmas Day.” – @Chris_Broussard

— First things first (@FTFonFS1) June


As this was all going on, I kept the thing thinking that someone in their house got kind of mad about it. Because we know such a person exists. Someone who gets so annoyed by a team’s inclusion or omission that they let it ruin their cereal.

On the one hand, yes, I laugh a little at the premise of this topic. On the other hand, it shows how much spaghetti the athletes have to throw against the wall. Each day brings more hours to fill, and the lack of real games in the NBA and NFL brings new challenges. Our conversation heads rise at 4 or 5 a.m. to weigh how confident the Miami Dolphins should be in Tua Tagovailoa and whether Ja Morant “has it.”

Without them we would be lost.



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