The U18 generation top league with eight teams of men and women from all over the country opens in August, and Yuta Watanabe commented, “I’m very envious.” –Basketball Count | Basket Count

Maki Takada also said, “It is very good that the number of games increases due to league games.”

The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) has announced that it will start the top league of U18 generation men’s and women’s teams from August this year.

This league is entitled “U18 Nissin Foods Top League 2022” and will be held from August to November. Since last year, JBA has been conducting the “U18 Nissin Foods Kanto Block League” with the aim of fostering and strengthening the U18 generation together with Nissin Foods. And this year, which is the second year, “U18 Nissin Foods Top League 2022” will be newly established, and the participation blocks of “U18 Nissin Foods Block League” will be expanded to four in Kanto, Tokai, Chugoku, and Shikoku. Has also announced.

The teams participating in this year’s “U18 Nissin Foods Top League 2022” are the following 8 teams for men and women recommended by the Top League Judging Committee. The selection criteria for the participating teams were decided based on the results of the match between the Inter-High School Championships in Reiwa 3 and the Winter Cup 2021. In addition, the tournament will be a round-robin round-robin tournament with eight male and female teams participating.

Sendai University Meisei (Miyagi Prefecture)
Maebashi Ikuei (Gunma Prefecture)
Shochi Fukaya (Saitama Prefecture)
Teikyo Nagaoka (Niigata Prefecture)
Suwa, Tokai University (Nagano Prefecture)
Chubu University Daiichi (Aichi Prefecture)
Fukuoka Daiichi (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Fukuoka University Ohori (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Showa Gakuin (Chiba)
Tokyo Seitoku University High School (Tokyo)
Myojo Gakuen (Tokyo)
Gifu Girls (Gifu Prefecture)
Anjo Gakuen (Aichi Prefecture)
Okagakuen High School (Aichi Prefecture)
Kyoto Seika Gakuen (Kyoto Prefecture)
Osaka Kun’ei Jogakuin (Osaka)

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The block league 2022, which will be held from August to December, will feature teams recommended by the basketball associations of each prefecture. The prefectures to which the teams participating in the top league belong are, in principle, recommended by the top teams in the Inter-High qualifying round, except for the teams participating in the top league. One male and female team from each prefecture will participate in the Kanto block, two male and female teams from each prefecture will participate in the Tokai block, one male and female team from each prefecture will participate in the Chinese block, and two male and female teams from each prefecture will participate in the Shikoku block.

The U18 generation league match was born, and Yuta Watanabe, the Japanese national team who plays in the NBA, said, “When I was a high school student, I didn’t have a league match, so I’m very envious.” “I would like to thank the high school students today for taking this competitive environment for granted, and to make use of it for the growth of the winter cup, which is the culmination of high school. I think that experiencing the league games that can be done from high school can be utilized when becoming a professional in the future, and it will surely lead to the future of Japan. “

Maki Takada, the women’s representative from Japan, also wrote a comment, “I think it is very good that the number of games will increase due to the league match.” “Unlike a one-shot tournament, I imagine that you will be required to have conditioning adjustments, strategies and tactics that will allow you to fight in the best condition during the league period. I myself would have had such a competitive environment when I was a high school student. I think it was fun, and especially for players who aim to continue playing basketball at the top level even after graduating from high school, it is very meaningful to be able to experience a competitive environment close to that of a team in the top category when they are in high school. “

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