The triumph of the first time: San Lorenzo won with Insua and in Santiago del Estero, thanks to Iván Leguizamón

Saint Lawrence added one fundamental victory to change the air. Urged by the results, pressured by a delicate economic situation, he beat Central Cordobain Santiago del Estero, for 2 a 0 at the close of the fourth date of the Professional Soccer League. It wasn’t just one more triumph that the azulgranas experienced: it was the first in the new cycle of Rubén Insua. In addition, it is the fourth match that the Barça team won in the year, always as a visitor.

The San Lorenzo coach once again had several youth players on the field, but he touched several pieces among the starters. Gonzalo Lujan by Gastón Hernández in defense; Malcom Braida by Agustín Martegani –injured– in the offensive, and the strongest, Augustus Battle by Sebastian Torrico. The 42-year-old Barça idol did not show good performances in his last games.

Compact of Central Córdoba 0 vs. Saint Lawrence 2

In his first official match in Santiago del Estero, San Lorenzo wanted to celebrate in the championship after matching three commitments in a row. And he came up against an uncomfortable rival for the Cyclone, since the Ferroviario had beaten him widely (4-1 and 4-0) in two of the three times they had faced each other, since the return of Central Córdoba to the first A, in 2019; all the crossings had occurred in Bajo Flores.

The start of the game was frowning, plenty of muscle, and few ideas. It was taking the ball and losing it right away. It was difficult for him to find a succession of three or four passes or some precise combination. Everything was even.

Central Cordoba vs. San Lorenzo, a meeting of great struggle in Santiago del Estero, which closed the fourth round of the Professional League.Emilio Rapetti – tel

The Cyclone, withdrawn, tried to get out quickly with some counterattack. Always, as during the last meetings, with Ezequiel Cerutti trying to win the scene. Central Córdoba, dynamic, showed his claws in the middle of the pitch. Both, of course, very orderly, although with little capacity for surprise and without risking much.

Only after 35 minutes was the first risk play seen: a sharp pass from Ivan Ramirez leave it to Renzo Lopez in front of the goal, but Batalla quickly reduced and avoided the conquest of the Uruguayan. There was not much else, except for some mid-distance shot. Too poor was the first time. Disordered, confused, apathetic.

Jalil Elías manages to avoid a sweep at the Madre de Ciudades stadium.
Jalil Elías manages to avoid a sweep at the Madre de Ciudades stadium.Emilio Rapetti – tel

The development changed abruptly in the second part. And a lot had to do with the entry of the youth Ivan Leguizamononly 20 years. In an instant the landscape changed. After a messy play, Cerutti sent a header and Leguizamón, who had scored a goal against Arsenal the day before, pushed the ball with his left foot and unleashed the Barça celebration.

The striker played with mischief and impudence. She reached him to be the great figure of the night. From that goal the visiting team grew and looked more convincing. The advantage did not imply a stay for San Lorenzo. Near the end, Leguizamón himself generated a penalty that converted Adam Bareiro.

Elías and Gonzalo Ríos, in the middle of their race on a very well-lit field with an impeccable floor.
Elías and Gonzalo Ríos, in the middle of their race on a very well-lit field with an impeccable floor.Emilio Rapetti – tel

What will the next hours of Boedo be like? The figures and the economic problems of the Barça entity do not invite illusions, and yet Insua and the leaders recognize that the squad needs to be reinforced. The managements by players have not yet been reflected in new faces. Some of the names that sounded in the last hours are those of Gonzalo Maroni and Gabriel Neves. The first would sign on loan for 18 months, without charge or option (Boca would put a repechage clause in each semester). While the Uruguayan, currently in São Paulo, would also arrive on loan.

Meanwhile, in Santiago del Estero, the Cyclone breathed and finally found a smile. Supported by the boy Leguizamón (a native of Del Viso), he took a step forward. A joy for this San Lorenzo of the ups and downs.



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