The success of the Viterbo baseball club Under 15 team continues

Sport – Three boys will be called up with the Lazio selection and will participate in the tournament of the regions in Milan

Viterbo – The Under 15s of Viterbo Baseball

Viterbo – We receive and publish – The winning streak of the Under 15 of Viterbo BC continues, who on Saturday 11 June won the friendly diamond with a score of 10 to 9 against the same age of the Royal Caserta Baseball.

An exciting and hard-fought game, well played by both teams.
In the first inning the boys from Viterbo, playing an aggressive game with Fortunati and Euighuci Di Martino, immediately stole two bases and then were brought to the point by the beats of Ceccariglia and Tabarrini. On the mountain a splendid Ceccariglia, stopped the opposing clubs by conceding only two points in 4 throws, while our attack against the strong opposing pitchers managed to score another 4 points.

In the fourth inning Tabarrini replaced Ceccariglia on the mountain, but the boys from Caserta managed to touch his ball and score 5 points. All this did not demoralize the boys from Viterbo who, at the next attack, scored another 4 points, taking them to a score of 10 to 7.

In the last inning Di Martino replaced Tabarrini on the mountain and was able to close the game, also helped by a splendid defense, on the final score of 10 to 9, so much so that, in the game won, the Viterbo players give up their last attack.

Manager Roberto Fortunati commented: “The team is growing game after game, we have met a solid team with good pitchers and complete in all departments. The boys fought until the last inning, demonstrating a maturity that was unthinkable a month ago. They are beginning to be aware of their possibilities and above all the new kids, who have only started playing this year, are growing a lot, also helped by the so-called “old” (13-year-olds). To give some examples, Colonna begins to understand what it means to be a second base, Mazza, Anelli, Rodriguez and Cannata, helped by the more experienced Grasselli, begin to play as real outsiders, without forgetting all the others, Raduly, Porta, Cosentino, Cusi and El Agha. I hope I have not forgotten anyone “.

The good work done by the two Under 15 coaches, Fortunati and Mauro Quatrini, has allowed three of our players to be called up with the Lazio selection and from 17 June they will participate in the Baseball Regions tournament in Milan. Congratulations to Ceccariglia, Tabarrini and Bertollini for their call-up and a big good luck to play a great tournament and above all have fun.

Viterbo baseball club

June 15, 2022



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