The Spanish Judo Federation honors Miriam Blasco in Benidorm on the 30th anniversary of her deed at the Barcelona Olympics

The Royal Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports has paid tribute today in Benidorm to the Alicante judoka Miriam Blasco on the 30th anniversary of her achievement in the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, when she became the first Spanish athlete to win a medal in a Summer Games, when hanging the gold medal. The event was held at the Palau d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm, where from today until next Sunday the World Training Camp takes place, bringing together 450 athletes from 51 countries.

The judoka has received a commemorative plaque for this anniversary from the mayor, Toni Pérez, and the manager of the Spanish Judo Federation, Gonzalo González, next to the tatami arranged in the Palau d’Esports and supported by the captain of the national team, María Bernabeu, the members of the team and the mayor of Sports, Mariló Cebreros.

The mayor praised the figure and example of the judoka from Alicante who “became history and legend of Spanish sport and also did so in the Olympic Games that this country has experienced with greater emotion and enthusiasm, giving us a moment that, without a doubt, has etched in the collective memory. Toni Pérez has highlighted that throughout her prolific career on the tatami, Miriam Blasco, “a pro from Alicante”, has been a “compass and guide for thousands of women who have seen her as a role model, inspiring many athletes to follow in his wake.

During his speech, the mayor welcomed the hundreds of judokas to Benidorm who are going to complement their training in Benidorm for six days, “thanks to this Training Camp that also allows new generations of athletes to share moments and experiences with their idols, which helps to promote contact between athletes and stimulate the practice of judo”.

After the tribute, Miriam Blasco herself encouraged the Training Camp participants to live the experience of “sharing” tatami and training with judokas “from other countries” and to fight to achieve “their goals”.



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