The solstice “Sand Boom” tournament is over

This time the tournament took place in a different format – according to the principle of a mix tournament, where a total of 94 participants played in mixed women’s-men’s teams by lot.

Participants were divided into three groups – amateurs, veterans and enthusiasts / beginners. The members of the veterans group (age 40+) played in teams of three players – one woman and two men. Zane Lobānova, Dainis Zombergs and Andrejs Vasiljevs became the champions of the veteran group in the intense battles in the six-team competition, beating the teams of Ieva Cālīte, Laura Sprūda and Edvards Makuņins. Third place went to Indra Jurika, Ivars Kuznetsov and Ainars Trapučka.

The group of enthusiasts / beginners won Andris Krauklis and Juris Dejus, beating the second place winners Līga Markotas and Filipas Bermaks and the third place winners – Kristīne Kārkliņš and Aleksejs Vasiljevs.

Megija Ceirule and Jānis Čanders won the amateur battles, beating Kristu Grundmanis and Roberts Mežalas in the final. Rebeka Šiško and Artis Zombergs won the third place.

The host of the evening and the DJ took care of the special atmosphere of the solstice, playing the best music for the festival. Participant Māra Buče also received a surprise award from the supporters of the event for costume accessories specially selected for the theme of the solstice. The smallest fans of the event were given the opportunity to spend time in inflatable attractions.

Winners of the second stage:


1. Megija Ceirule, Jānis Čanders

2. Krista Grundmane, Roberts Mežals

3. Rebeka Šiško, Artis Zombergs


1. Zane Lobānova, Andrejs Vasiljevs, Dainis Zombergs

2. Ieva Cālīte, Lauris Sprūds, Eduards Makuņins

3. Indra Jurika, Ainars Trapučka, Ivars Kuznetsovs

Enthusiasts / beginners:

1. Andris Krauklis, Juris Dejus

2. Līga Markota, Filips Bermaks

3. Kristīne Kārkliņa, Aleksejs Vasiljevs

The winners received medals and cash prizes from the supporters of the event, as well as caps created especially for this stage from Blaķene Barber Shop.

The next stage of the “Sand Boom” “King tournament” will take place on July 5 – again in a new format. In the third stage, participants will have to play each game with a different player. The number of participants will be limited, so prior registration is mandatory. For more information about the next stage, look for the Volleyball Club “Liepāja” on Facebook page and instagram account.

The competition is supported by:

Liepaja city municipality

Presto driving school

SIA Zibenszeļļi

SIA ”Gatvess”

SIA “Lasasa”

SIA “Laskana-Mežs”

SIA ”Maiznīca Flora”

SIA “Box”

Impact Hub Liepāja


Barber Shop Bar

SIA ”WindUp

“Call a Party”

SIA “Saules energia ieleja”

“Beauty for you”

”Massage Room 006”


Kurzeme Business Incubator