The second stop of the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity gathers love to convey warmth | Children are wearing new school uniforms!

June 22, 2022 12:02:17

Source: Heilongjiang News Network

Author: Tan Yingchun Li Lingxue

After a heavy rain at night, the sun is shining brightly in Harbin on the summer solstice, and the air is extraordinarily fresh. The children in the central primary school in Chaoyang Town, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, who were in a good mood like the good weather, finally put on their new school uniforms as their little wishes came true.

Donate on site.

Gather love and pass on warmth. In the early morning of the 21st, uncles and aunts from the Heilongjiang Charity Federation, Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, and Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association made a special trip to the second stop of the “Building Love and Dreams” public welfare activity. They sent their long-awaited school uniforms and sports equipment.

Founded in 1947, Chaoyang Town Central Primary School, located in Jinfa Street, Chaoyang Town, Xiangfang District, is a rural public primary school. After years of baptism, the school building is outdated,Most students’ families are more difficult. The biggest wish of the children is to be able to wear uniforms uniformly.

The students applauded.

At 9:40, the school has a large gymnasium. The students are wearing new school uniforms and standing on the playground full of energy. Under the scorching sun, the student representatives took over the school uniforms, football basketball, badminton ropes, etc. The short but loving donation ceremony ended with warm and long applause on the playground.

Xu Xingjun from the third class expressed his gratitude on behalf of all the recipient students“Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activities will beWarm love and selfless devotion brought them. He said: “When we took the school uniforms of love with both hands, we felt extremely warm in our hearts. Although we are not very rich in material life, we are not discouraged in the face of difficulties and are full of hope for the future. We solemnly promise to turn this love into reality. Take action, study hard, be determined to become a talent, and repay the society.”

The children performed the sign language dance “Thanksgiving Heart” to thank their uncles and aunts for their care, and the donation ceremony ended with a moving melody. The children opened up, told their stories and imagined the future.

Student RepresentativeXu Xingjunspeak.

Lv Shiwen, the monitor of the three-year class, is a shy little girl. Her father works outside the city all the year round to support her and her younger brother to study. There are three elderly people at home. She said that since the school took everyone’s measurements, the students have been looking forward to wearing the new uniforms as soon as possible. The school uniforms fit very well and are breathable and cool. Her heart is full of gratitude, she must study hard, become a teacher when she grows up, teach and educate people, and pass on love.

“I really didn’t expect that we are about to graduate, and we can still wear new school uniforms and realize our small dreams. I am very moved.” Lin Yuxin from the fifth class said excitedly. Yuxin is a self-disciplined and sensible child. She gets up early every day to read. She never worries her parents in her studies, and she never compares herself with others in life. She said that after entering junior high school, she will work harder, learn real skills, and help others with love in the future.

Lu Hongyu, deputy director of the Provincial Charity and Social Work Service Center, delivered a speech.

Wang Yingqi, director of the Provincial Charity and Social Work Service Center and secretary-general of the Provincial Charity Federation, said that the “Building Love and Dreams” public welfare activity is to convey care and warmth. I hope this activity will plant small wishes in the hearts of children and help them feel good about life. I hope that I will pass on the love in the future study and life.

Lu Hongyu, deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Charity Social Work Service Center, said that the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity is an important measure for the Provincial Civil Affairs Department to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” and take the “Capability and Style Building Year” as an opportunity. He was also very moved to see the children so happy in their new school uniforms.

Ma Bailing, president of the Provincial Children’s Welfare Association, who has given financial support to this activity, is out of town and has been paying attention to every progress of this activity. She said: “Although the school conditions are difficult, we are delighted to see that the children are full of energy and full of confidence in the future. We hope that the children will remain enterprising and strive to become pillars of talent.” Vice President of Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association As the representative of the co-organizer, Gao Jiaying brought the best wishes to the children.

Ye Shengkui, principal of Chaoyang Town Central Primary School, thanked him.

Jiao Jian, deputy director of the Heilongjiang News Agency Division of Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, said: “Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group gives full play to the responsibility of the media, and uses actions to practice ‘not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission’. I hope that caring enterprises, caring people and us Together, we will gather love and help rural children realize their little dreams full of expectations, so that the spirit of public welfare can be integrated with the times.”

The public welfare activity “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” is co-sponsored by the Civil Affairs Department of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, and Heilongjiang Charity Federation, and co-organized by Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association. The “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity donated 130 sets of spring and autumn school uniforms and 130 short-sleeved school uniforms to the Central Primary School of Chaoyang Town, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, as well as football, basketball, badminton and other sports items that students love.

Donated full school uniform

Ye Shengkui, the principal of Chaoyang Town Central Primary School, thanked the “Building Love to Realize Dreams” public welfare activity for sowing the seeds of love in the hearts of teachers and students. He said that although the school is located in a remote location, it is not far from the care of caring people from all walks of life. With funding from various parties, the school will be overhauled soon and will present a brand new look next semester. He hoped that the students would study harder and repay the care of the society with excellent grades.

Reporter: Tan Yingchun; Photography and video: Li Lingxue;Editor: Wang Xiaoping; Reviewer: Tan Yingchun; Coordinator: Jiao Jian


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