The Sacchetti plan. for a great Cantù

Alghero and Sardinia – where he is more than an honorary citizen – can wait. Romeo Sacchetti, for now, is thinking only and exclusively of Cantù Basketball, also taking advantage of his headquarters in Varese, where he still took root when he was a player.

With the general manager Alessandro Santoro the work is in pairs, side by side.

The knowledge of Meo

Surprising, but not too much given the professionalism of the subject, the coach’s familiarity with the reality of A2, which has disappeared from personal radar for 12 years, but which he continued to cultivate as a professional update even at the time of the national team bench.

The first operation, while everyone was thinking of the foreign play, is the most awaited confirmation: that of Francesco Stefanelli, the winger who most liked in the season just ended. He had a contract expiring and above all there were thoughts of sirens from Serie A: instead, it was Sacchetti’s project and the company’s recovery plan that convinced him. So, renewal of two years and on all together.

«Francesco is a player that I like very much and who certainly has important margins for improvement – commented coach Meo Sacchetti -. I think he had a very good season, always growing, despite some physical ailments which, during the past year, did not prevent him from always taking one more step ».

What about him, the player? «I am very happy to stay in Cantù and to try to reach the goal that we missed last season – said Stefanelli -. The enthusiasm of the Cantù audience, together with the renewed contribution of the Eagles, pushed me to stay; I hope to be able to experience the wonderful atmosphere at home during the playoffs all year round ».

Now it will be the turn of the foreigners. To the first the foreigner. Why Meo was clear: “We will have a great playmaker.” Also tracing its characteristics. Summarized as follows: “He will not be just a game builder, but I want a modern player, capable of producing points”. Very clear intention. But that slightly obscures the light on Luca Vitali. The club has shown so much confidence in the Bolognese director that he signed a contract for the last month and a half of the season ended, with an extension to the next one.

And what does Vitali do?

At the same time, placing a clause to get out of it. Now, also in light of the tactical framework that the new coach has in mind, the situation will necessarily need to be updated. And immediately the consultations started with Vitali’s entourage, who risks sliding backwards in Sacchetti’s hierarchies and therefore having to start from the second row. The impression is that there is a part of the management convinced to move forward, but, to do it in the most peaceful and productive way for everyone, the most sure of what will be done must be the two directly involved, namely the player and Sacchetti.

A cascade, then, the decisions on the rest of the team. With the second foreigner who – it is now clear – will be in the role of center.




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