The Russians wished me death. I have not encountered such aggression, says the Ukrainian world champion

Rizatdin ended her active career in 2017 with a rich medal collection on her account, from which the gold from the World Cup and the bronze from the Rio Olympics stand out. During the Tokyo Games, she openly supported the Israeli Linoy Ashram, who ended a 21-year Russian supremacy.

“When” favored Dina Averin from Russia finished in second place, Belarus’s Alina Harnaskova won bronze.

“I supported her and congratulated her on social networks. I was happy with her victory because something has finally changed in our sport, “Rizatdin explained in an interview via youtube.

The Russian reaction surprised her a lot. “It simply came to our notice then. They were gymnasts who were fourteen to sixteen years old. They threatened me with how I could afford to say that Russian gymnasts were the best. They wished me death, “she said.

“I would like to add that, of course, not a word came from any Russian gymnast in support of Ukraine. In general, a large proportion of Russian and Belarusian athletes support the regimes in their countries, “she added.



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