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PORDENONE – A month of May of great satisfaction for Polisportiva Villanova. After the two-year stop imposed by the pandemic, the School Libertiads have finally returned to the Palazen, a competition aimed at the schools of the school project of the Southern Pordenone Comprehensive School and organized by two affiliated companies Libertas “Crescere sul Tatami” and Polisportiva Villanova Judo which on the occasion has made the plant available. In a perfect festive atmosphere, the Libertas regional president Lorenzo Cella, assisted by the Libertas national councilor Franca Bolognin and the Libertas national manager of the Judo sector Dudu Muzzin, opened the event that took place over four days. The contribution of the head teacher Silvia Burelli was also fundamental, with the support of the teachers who accompanied the various classes during the event. The event involved more than 200 children who had fun and “played” judo and who had the opportunity to try their hand at various sports such as the innovative parkour under the direction of Dudu Muzzin, maestro Bouchard and Mattia Giacomelli and Aida Guemati.

In addition, during the School Libertiadi days, an exhibition of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency was set up at the Drusin school gymnasium, presented by the judo master, as well as the Libertas regional manager, Nicola Di Fant, which was viewed by all the pupils participating in the competition. Not only. On 6 and 21 May, the Palazen hosted over 50 nurses from various healthcare companies in the FVG region on an initiative promoted by the secretariat of the Nursind Nursing Profession union. The provincial secretary GIanluca Altavilla and union leaders Rosella Bertolo and Simonetta Del Puppo took part in the two days, with the participation of the psychologist Daniele Baron Toaldo. Supporting them are Libertas technicians Maurizio Fornarolo, Massimo Bortolin and Luciano Carlet.

Meanwhile, the summer break does not stop the activity of the Polisportiva Villanova Judo, always attentive to the needs of the children of the neighborhood. The Sport Estate Villanovese is active. Two months of sport and fun for children aged 6 to 12. The Summer Point takes place from Monday to Friday until July 29 at the Palazen in Villanova, the newly expanded areas outside the Palazen, the courtyard of the Rosmini school and the canteen of the Rosmini school. A summer full of multisport activities with judo, sumo, rugby, soccer, volleyball, climbing, archery, and lots of fun.

Yoga courses also continue. Every day at the Palazen thanks to Martina Piva of Asd Kokoro and Nicola De Simone and Gabriella Buzzacchi of Yogah, the Art of Yoga.

Last but not least, the Palazen Family Group was born. A committee made up of parents of the children of the judo group which aims to create events in the Villanova district. The first is scheduled for Saturday 3 September. It will take place at the Palazen and there will also be various activities outside the building. The newborn group, led by Andrea Valenti, also makes use of the collaboration of the parents Maurizio, Gianpaolo, Daniele, Marco, Gabriele, Marco, Paola, Maria, Martina, Lucia, Massimo, Federico, Stefania, Stefano, Franco and Matteo.




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