The rehabilitation works carried out in the Pabellón de La Línea, about to

The mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, accompanied by the councilor and municipal delegate for Sports, Javier Vidal, made an official visit this morning to the facilities of the Municipal Sports Pavilion, prior to the official inauguration of the venue that will take place on next Friday, the 24th of this month, with the presence of the Spanish under-17 basketball team, in a preparatory match against the Australian national team, which will continue with four more games included in this tournament, in this case under-20 and under -22, which includes the Greece National Team.

Juan Franco has underlined the investment close to 500,000 euros that the execution of the rehabilitation works of the building has entailed, with the replacement of roofs and floor, in addition to the provision of sports equipment and the priority objective of ending the problems of leaks of waters that have occurred in recent years.

He also highlighted the importance of the inauguration next Friday, in addition to other events that will culminate in the celebration of the Andalusian Basketball Cup next September.
The mayor has argued for the continuity of the work to improve the city’s sports infrastructure, which in addition to the Pavilion includes a package of works to improve sports courts in different neighbourhoods, the works on the Municipal Stadium that are currently very advanced or the Stadium of Athletics.

On this last matter, he pointed out the determined attitude of the current government team to change the configuration of sport at the local level, a fact for which he congratulated the Councilor for Sports, Javier Vidal, and the municipal workers, trusting that they will soon be able to present other very important sports projects.

For his part, Vidal thanked the company awarded the project for the record time in which the work was carried out, with the provision of a polyurethane layer on the roof and its preparation for the location of solar panels. In addition, he mentioned the painting of the building and the provision of top-level sports equipment prepared for the practice of any type of indoor sport, such as the next call for a national judo championship to be held in these facilities, in addition to the tournament of next weekend’s selections, with the presence of top-level basketball professionals who play in the ACB. Along with this, he has cited the new image offered by the more attractive and modern facilities.

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The Councilor for Sports has declared himself very satisfied with the investments that are being made in the city at a sports level and hopes that other infrastructures of great importance for the municipality will soon be announced.



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