The rain of money that has changed Jenni Hermoso’s plans

BarcelonaJennifer Hermoso’s future is beginning to clear. The Madrid striker puts an end to his second stint at Barça, after three seasons, and chooses the Mexican league as his next destination. Hermoso ended his contract this summer and, despite talks to re-establish his link as a Barça player, he has decided to leave the state competition and has turned down several offers from clubs at Primera Iberdrola. Mexican media point to Club America Femenil as the destination, where he knows the new coach, Ángel Villacampa, perfectly, although there are a couple more clubs in the Central American country that are fighting to convince the Madrid striker.

Hermoso’s departure from the Catalan club must also be read as a clear consequence of his performance in his last year. His year has been turbulent and erratic, which has led him to play a leading role in most games. In the League, his participation has been significantly reduced: of the 30 matches in the state competition, he has only played 14 as a starter, adding up to a total of 1,331 minutes. It’s not been a good year for the goal either: he has signed the poorest scoring record since wearing the Barça shirt (16 goals in the league and 24 in the total of the campaign). Despite the level of football he has shown over the years as a Barça player, this last season Hermoso has been far from his best version, with too many inaccuracies and often with a faulty reading of the Catalan style. The great example of this disconnection could be seen in Turin, when Jonatan Giráldez replaced her in the middle of the painful Champions League final, which she inevitably pointed out.

Although this season has been decisive for Hermoso’s farewell, rumors about his future are not limited to this season. His future at Barça has long been debated, and last year there were some contacts with Real Madrid, but this option did not materialize and he continued as a Barça player. Now that the two sides – Barça and the player – have stopped trying to reach a renewal, the Madrid player has several destinations on the table, both to continue in the Spanish league and on the high side of the ocean. The main option was to return to Atletico Madrid, where negotiations had progressed to the point that the Madrid woman had undergone a medical examination a few weeks ago. Shortly before the Spanish Football Federation announced that the footballer would miss this summer’s European Championship due to injury. Hermoso has a grade two sprain of the internal lateral ligament of his right knee, according to the medical services of the state team.

Mexico, the niche of women’s football

His signing with Atletico Madrid came to a halt with the arrival of tempting offers from Mexico. In addition to the mattress team, this season Real Madrid has also knocked on Hermoso’s door with a proposal that the player rejected, largely for economic reasons. Now all indications are that Hermoso will pack his bags to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The Club America Femenil is the best positioned today to take the services of the Madrid woman, and there she would meet a technician she knows very well. The Mexican club presented its new coach just last week: Ángel Villacampa, a mattress coach. Although they have never matched in the dressing room of the Madrid team, they have a very good tune. This will be Hermoso’s third experience abroad, playing for Swedish Tyresö during the first half of the 2013-14 season and for Paris Saint-Germain in the 2017-18 season.

The Mexican league, still a long way to go, is under construction. And to do that, incorporating world-class names like Jenni Hermoso’s is insurance. The stadiums are getting fuller and thousands of people are watching the state league matches every weekend. With the revulsion of its own names and the economic commitment on the part of the entities, Mexico hopes to position itself as an emerging market in terms of women’s football and to attract the attention of world-class footballers who do not rule out extending their careers. far from Europe.



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