The purslane recharged with energy with their faithful fans

Regardless of the rain that fell on much of the city since the night before, about 5,000 fans arrived on time for the appointment with the Green.

At 9:00 in the morning, the South Stand was already decorated to receive the team, who arrived at the stadium in the middle of a light drizzle.

While in the stands the atmosphere warmed up with the sound of the instruments of those of the South, At the back of the dressing room, a romantic salsa was heard with which the team was getting ready to jump onto the field for the last practice, before the final, the one they wanted to do in the company of their fans.

The first to appear was the technician Hernan Dario Herrera, received with applause and songs that chanted his name.

Then he got to the transfer area Alexander Mejiawho waited on the stairs for his teammates to then burst onto the field amid the chorus of fans: “Champion, I carry you in my heart… champion, you are my life, you are my passion… champion, this fan goes crazy to see you play, that’s why don’t fail your fan, who follows you in the good and bad”.

Thus began the practice of King of Cups. In three different areas, the footballers did small-space jobs; and the sun began to heat up to the sound of the fans’ refrains.

At times the fervor reached its climax, as the Arriero Herrera, invaded by emotion, threw balls into the stands as gratitude for the unconditional support of his followers.

With the campus concentrated and in full activity, and the choirs resounding in the Athanasius, minutes passed.

After Herrera’s final whistle and the official photo, the training ended. Immediately, from the high south stand, the chants began for each of the players.

The first to be called by the fans was Kevin Mier, who with his fist up high thanked the recognition and affection.

The longest greetings went to Sebastián Gómez, Dorlan Pabon, Giovanni Moreno, Alexander Mejia y Andres Andrade.

The last tribute was for Jéfferson Duque, who was fired with “scorer, scorer, Jefferson Duke scorer”.

On one side of the south grandstand, on the western high side, were the members of the Nacional soccer schools and the club’s employees, who also wanted to be close to their idols.

The technician Diego Bedoya, of the women’s team, and the benchmark Carolina Arbelaez were also present at the meeting and shared with Rene Higuita with whom they took photos.

In this way the green team recharged their energy for this Wednesday’s duel against Tolima, at 8:00 pm in the stadium Athanasius Girardot, which will be packed with 44,000 fans. Here it is expected to take another firm step in search of star 17, to then travel to Ibagué, on Sunday, to give the final stitch.



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