The Provincial Department of Civil Affairs Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group Provincial Charity Federation co-sponsored the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity launched

2022-06-01 07:31:30

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Tan Yingchun and Wang Xiaoping

News from this newspaper on May 31 (Tan Yingchun and Wang Xiaoping, all-media reporter of Heilongjiang Daily)Gather love and realize your dreams. On May 31, the public welfare activity “Building Love and Realizing Dreams”, sponsored by the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, and the Provincial Charity Federation, and co-organized by the Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association, was launched. A car full of boxes of stationery books, basketballs, footballs and other items drove into Harbin Xiangyang Middle School.

Xiangyang Middle School, located in Jinjia Village, Xiangyang Town, Xiangfang District, is a rural school. The school is located in a remote area and has weak hardware facilities. The students are all children of farmers, and most families are in difficulty. This activity donated schoolbags, workbooks, pens and other cultural and educational supplies to 125 students from 6 classes in the school. It also donated some sports items that students like, such as football, basketball, badminton, rope and so on.

At the donation ceremony, Qi Guangtao, the principal of the school, expressed his gratitude to the caring people.

Wang Yingqi, director of the Provincial Charity and Social Work Service Center and secretary-general of the Provincial Charity Federation, hopes that this activity will plant small wishes in the hearts of children and inspire them to realize their big ideals. Wang Yingqi said that on the occasion of the “June 1st” International Children’s Day, he paid tribute to the gardeners and wished the children a happy holiday.

The Provincial Child Welfare Association provided financial support for this activity. Ma Bailing, president of the school, said that although the school conditions were difficult, she was very pleased to see the children’s vigorous spirits, and wished the children a successful academic career and a bright future.

The “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity aims to gather love, convey warmth, call on caring enterprises and caring people to work together, gather a love, help rural children realize their dreams, integrate the spirit of public welfare with the times, and promote positive energy.

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