“The plan is that in August I will definitely help the Latvian national team” – Basketball –

Latvian Radio organized the game Twitter Spaces a conversation that was also joined by a Washington Wizards tall player Kristaps Porziņģis. “The clarity about my status is that I am gradually building myself, training, getting around and feeling better every day. My plan is that I will definitely join in the August window. so that I feel good, and in August I will be in full swing – I will help the team. “

As usual for the first test game, the performance of both teams, especially the Lithuanian ones, was still far from desired. “The game may not have been the highest quality they would have seen, but it is always interesting to watch against the Lithuanian national team and there is always a good derby. There was good energy, good atmosphere, jackets tried and gave everything in the square. The main thing is that everyone is healthy, and we will get better with each successive game, “Porziņģis continued.

Rihards Lomažs stood out in Latvia with 15 points and eight provocative remarks, who scored two-thirds of the time from the penalty shoot-out line (10/11), while only a fifth of the shots were hit (2p. 1/4, 3p. 1/6). Andrejs Gražulis scored 13 points and seven rebounds, Anžeja Pasečnik nine points, seven rebounds and poor shot accuracy (2p. 3/10, 3p. 1/1, 1p. 0/5).

On Sunday, the two teams will meet again in Siauliai, but Latvia will finish the qualifying round of the World Cup with a home game on June 30 against Serbia and a trip to Slovakia on July 3. In August, Latvia will start the next stage with one home game and one away game, meeting with two of the three teams – Greece, Turkey or Great Britain.

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