The “pirates” of St. Pauli in retreat in South Tyrol: the football team will complete the preparation for the new season

Photo Facebook – credit St. Pauli

SAN LEONARDO IN PASSIRIA. The last season they have close to promotion to the Bundesliga, with the jump in the category that has faded only in the last few days, now the football team of St. Pauli decided that will complete the preparation in South Tyrol. From 3 to 10 July, the Hamburg “pirate” team will disembark in the municipality of San Leonardo in Passiria, about 20 kilometers from Merano.

The German sports club based in the homonymous district of Hamburg, became famous above all for the football team but which boasts other teams including rugby, baseball, chess, cycling, handball and other sports, is also very popular abroad. In fact, the team, in addition to being very attached to its neighborhood, has become a symbol having been among the first football clubs in ban the far-right supporters from their stadium.

In a few years the St. Pauli, also thanks to the many solidarity initiatives (especially in favor of the unemployed, migrants and LGBTQ communities) and to yours admittedly anti-fascist supporters, has become a real cult phenomenon Among the distinctive features also the symbol from which the supporters take their name: the Jolly Roger, that is the skull with crossbones, which in various forms was the flag of the pirates that sailed the seas of the Caribbean and beyond.

The St. Pauli, which in South Tyrol will complete the preparation in view of the early start (due to the World Cup in Qatar) of the Zweite Liga (the German Serie B), should have some friendlies are also scheduled which, however, are still to be defined.

In Trentino instead there will be several Serie A clubs Napoli will be in Dimaro (8-19 July, then in August in Castel di Sangro), la Fiorentina it will be in Moena in Val di Fassa (10-24 July) e l’Hellas Verona will stop in Primiero San Martino di Castrozza (3-17 July), while the Bologna will be in Pinzolo (6-17 July) and the Cremonese in Dimaro (21-31 July).



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