The perfect sneakers for a modern look, no matter the age

Los tennis, little by little, they have become that little element of style capable of elevating any of our looks to the sky. What’s more, we don’t know if in your case this happens consciously or really spontaneously, but many times in front of the mirror what determines that a whole outfit work or not is the type of sneakers that you are using. There are even men who consider one or two of their kicks in the closet like “the gala ones”, you know? Either because of their design, their edition, the mind behind their creation or any other detail that makes them even more special and unique. Not to mention when any of them comprise a rather peculiar collaboration or a style that, from end to end, can be considered very bold or perfect in the category of “dress”.

In that sense, what many men are looking for with a good pair of tennis is to help us get a really modern outfit. That does not let us see as outsiders in the world of fashion or, even, as totally beardless of style. And, beware, there are no ages for this: you can experience this sensation —or need?— at twenty, forty or fifty. And it is completely valid. both pose a refresh in your look how to get some sneakers that make you look like a golden god of streetwear.

Are you afraid of looking absurd with some tennis wild and purposeful, thinking above all of your years? Bah! The only ridiculous thing is not trying. Pass up the opportunity to test yourself and see how good you could look in some fun design. There is time and circumstance for absolutely everything and we know that, after all, you will have several models in your wardrobe, each one focused on different aspects of life; So what do you have to lose?

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For this reason, today we can tell you that the most recent collab of Supreme y Nike It is perfect in this search for modernity and risk for your feet. For your whole image, actually! Let us tell you about her, because she is fresh out of the oven and barely announced on social networks.

Supreme x Nike Shox Ride 2

Doesn’t it excite you just to see them?




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