The perfect retro Nike Air Max if you grew up in the 90s

among us the millennials and the tennis there is a precise, beautiful and almost symbiotic relationship. If you don’t believe us, this year comes the reissue of some Nike Air Max which will prove it. But don’t eat cravings. Let’s go step by step; We will explain to you what that specific model is about. First, we want to tell you how we got to it. And it is that in the search for some sneakers transmit that spirit street that we love, but that were not so scandalous as to wear to the office or to a casual event, we thought that the best thing would be to search among the most important reissues that we can find this occasion in the world of kicks.

Above all, because this can also mark an extra cool step in all our outfitsthinking about the enormous number of designs that are in hype among the younger generations and who take direct inspiration from the tennis that were used 30 years ago, on average. Why not use what we already know, and actually inspired new models, to achieve the best look of all right now? And if we can also do this with a colorway sober enough to take anywhere, what better!

That is why —now yes—, we found some Nike Air Max that will blow your mind and make you feel at home. As if we were right in the middle of the 90s – golden age for many millennials—, with a walkman in hand playing our favorite mix and the clothes that made us feel the most. It’s about the Penny 1 ‘Orlando’, a silhouette that must be extremely familiar to many; and if not, its beauty cannot be denied anyway. We explain below why it is ours kick favorite for you right now.

Nike Air Max Penny 1 ‘Orlando’

Versatile, just like Hardaway.


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